Where are Microsoft Edge Favorites Located on Disk?

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Where are Microsoft Edge Favorites Located on Disk?

You can easily save your Edge bookmarks to the location they are stored on your computer.

When we stumble upon an informative website when browsing the web we don’t all consider it to be the case with an open tab. In the end, all those open tabs will fail, and the next thing we know is regret. A lot of us take the safe route to mark the tab as an important one.

Over time, you’ve accumulated plenty of these treasures to keep for yourself. What happens if you need to reset your data on your browser? The browser could also suddenly reset, leaving you with an empty slate. The desire to ensure their safety is the normal way to go.

If you’re just looking to backup your data or transfer them to a new computer Finding them on your computer is simple.

Location for Microsoft Edge Favorites File

Start the file Explorer to open the file. It is possible to utilize keys like the Windows Logo key and E in order to launch it. After that, visit the address below.

C:UsersAppDataLocalMicrosoftEdgeUser DataDefault

You can go to the folder above by using the folder, or copy-paste the above line, replacing Username> with your username within the Quick Access bar of File Explorer. If you’re not certain of the username then visit the C drive and then browse to the folder ‘Users. There’s a name.

When you are in the Default folder and scroll down, you will locate the ‘Bookmarks’ folder.

It is possible to open it as a text file in order to look at the contents, however it is recommended not to alter the file. Copy then paste it into another place to make an archive.

If you wish to transfer your favorite images to a different computer, just transfer this file along with the file ‘Favicons’ to an USB device.

Close Edge on the second PC and then navigate into the folder. Copy both files to the folder. There shouldn’t be any files to store Edge Favorites on the new machine. Open Edge and your favorite favorites will be synchronized in your PC.

The loss of your bookmarks in your browser could be a major loss. Knowing where your favorite bookmarks are kept will help you ensure their security. It is now easy to make backup copies or transfer your favorite files to your new computer.