Where are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored on a Windows PC and How to Back Up Them

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Where are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored on a Windows PC and How to Back Up Them

Keep the track of all your Google Chrome bookmarks and make sure that you don’t lose them in a hurry.

If you spend a lot of time online and you’re also likely to accumulate a number of bookmarks. A few of them are unique and you do not wish to loose. Some are sites you regularly would like to visit or have saved for later visits when you have time to spare.

Whatever the circumstance the best thing to do is it would be a regret to lose the bookmarks. It’s a breeze to back up your bookmarks using your Google Chrome browser. If, for any reason, you are unable to open your Chrome browser, you will locate the bookmarks directly within the folder where they’re kept in. Let’s go!

Where are the Chrome Bookmarks Stored?

If you’re curious, or would like to know the bookmarks location to edit, delete or copy it’s easy. However, the place in the Bookmarks file can differ based upon the OS you’re running.

For Windows users You can locate the bookmarks file by going to the following address. Before opening the file, close Google Chrome if it is running within your computer.

Start ‘This PC or File Explorer’ on your computer. After that, navigate to the following address.

C:Users[UserName]AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser Data

Once you are in the folder ‘Users’, in the event that you have only just one account for a user on your computer There won’t be any issues. It is easy to access the folder using the Username for this case the case of ‘Sakshi Garg’. If there are more than one accounts for users on your computer and you want to navigate to the appropriate folder in the various folders that are available.

Once you’re in the UserName folder, you may not be able to locate the folder called ‘AppData’ since it’s usually obscured. To see it, click the option ‘View’ in the bar menu.

After that, select “Show” from the menu and choose ‘Hidden Items’ from the menu that appears. After that, the AppData folder will be displayed.

Instead of going down the long route, you could copy the path above and paste it into the Quick Access menu in File Explorer. After that, replace [UserName] by the actual name of the folder on your computer in the path, and then enter.

When you have reached the User Data in the folder the next step will be based on the number of profiles on your Chrome. If you have only one Chrome profile, then search for the folder called ‘Default’.

In addition, you may have folders such as ‘Profile 1 and 2 etc. in addition to the default folder. Navigate to the folder that contains the Chrome Profile you wish to locate the bookmarks for.

In this tutorial, we went to our Default folder. Within the folder, you’ll discover the Bookmarks and ‘Bookmarks.bak Files. Bookmarks.bak serves as the backup for Bookmarks.

You are now able to edit, delete, and copy it to create bookmarks. However, before you modify or erase the files, ensure you’re going to do it because any action could directly affect the bookmarks in your browser.

How to Backup Chrome Bookmarks

Backup of your bookmarks in Chrome is surprisingly simple. The most efficient method to do it is to do it directly from the browser.

Click on the menu with three dots at the right side of the bar for address.

In the menu that appears click on the category ‘Bookmarks’, and then select ‘Bookmark Manager’ from the menu that appears. You can also make use of keys Ctrl, Shift and O to launch the Bookmark manager quicker.

Your bookmarks will be open. Click the ‘Organize’ button (three-dot menu) in the upper-right corner of the screen for bookmarks.

After that, choose the option to export Bookmarks in the menu.

The dialog box for saving will appear. Select a name and a location for the file, then click the Save button.

Bookmarks are exported as the HTML file. This file can be used to retrieve your bookmarks in the event that they disappear or to transfer them to different devices or browsers.

Alternate: Sync the Bookmarks Instead

If you’d like to make backups of your bookmarks in order to transfer them into a different browser or device it is possible to sync your bookmarks. By synchronizing the bookmarks to your Google account in Chrome allows them to be accessible through your Chrome browser on any device that you login using the same account. When you sync your bookmarks, if you modify your bookmarks from one computer, they will be updated across all of your devices.

To enable sync, visit your Profile icon in the address bar, and then click it.

After that, select ‘Turn On sync’ in the menu and then sign into your Google account.

After you’ve linked to your account, ensure that your bookmarks are synced. The default is that everything syncs to your Google account, but it’s a good idea to verify this in case. If you’ve changed your settings before, your bookmarks may be missing.

Select ‘Settings’ from the menu with three dots.

After that, select “Sync to Google Services’. Google Services’.

Select the option “Manage what you sync”.

If you’ve got the option to ‘Sync everything’ chosen, you’re good to go. If you’re using the option to customize sync ensure that the switch for ‘Bookmarks’ is turned on.

If you are unable to use any of the options above to backup or export your bookmarks due to a reason however you are able to access the content of your hard drive is accessible then you can access the bookmarks file that is located in the directory in C: Drive to copy the bookmarks.