What is Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime?

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What is Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime?

If that this Runtime process appeared from the blue, it was. However, there’s no reason to worry.

There’s no way you’re making use of Microsoft Edge for anything on your computer. Even better, you don’t possess Microsoft Edge on your computer currently. However, even if you do you’re still seeing Microsoft Edge Webview2 process (or perhaps multiple instances) running in the Task Manager.

Naturally, you’re going be in for a fright. It’s a bit difficult to understand what this runtime process does, what it has to do with Microsoft Edge or why is it consuming resources on your system. Let’s look at what it does and the reason why you don’t need to panic.

Why is WebView2 Runtime Installed on my Device?

Microsoft Edge WebView2 can be described as a runtime application that Microsoft started installing on its devices in the beginning of this year. WebView2 can be used to offer web-based functions within Microsoft 365 desktop applications. It also makes use of Microsoft Edge as a rendering engine for this.

Microsoft began installing it automatically on computers with Version 2101 or later installed for Microsoft 365 applications. Therefore, the fact that you didn’t install it need not be a cause for concern. Don’t even think about putting the task down once you notice the Tasks in your Manager the next time. This process is essential to perform important tasks.

Microsoft utilizes WebView2 to give users Outlook functions that work identical on all devices. Therefore, regardless of regardless of whether you’re using Office applications on your desktop or on the web, they’ll remain the same across all platforms. Office Add-ins will also depend upon WebView2 in the near future.

Take a look: with WebView2 and Room Finder, the room Finder as well as Meeting Insights functions within Outlook will be identical whether you’re using the Outlook desktop application as well as Outlook web. It’s a hassle to figure out where to locate the features available on Web and desktop applications when they’re not on the same page.

WebView2 is also free of any requirements from you as Microsoft installs the software automatically onto Windows devices. It doesn’t even need to run the Microsoft Edge browser to actually be running. Therefore, even when the browser isn’t even installed on your computer or even running the Runtime process, it can be run.

While Microsoft has stated that it will install WebView2 Runtime on systems that run Microsoft 365 Apps Version 2010 or later, those running earlier versions of Microsoft Office may also be running the Runtime.

It’s not necessary to be concerned about it. It should not interfere with any of the applications that you have installed on your system. However, in the case that it causes any issues for you You can file a complaint here.

If it is not, then you’ll find it in your Task Manager isn’t a reason to be concerned. WebView2 Runtime is performing exactly what it’s supposed to do. It isn’t taking up more resources than it needs to. In the end that you don’t have to remove WebView2 Runtime. WebView2 Runtime.