How to Use Windows 11 Emoji Keyboard

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How to Use Windows 11 Emoji Keyboard

Make use of your Emoji keyboard within Windows 11 to search for Emojis, GIFs, Symbols and more.

Emojis are a vital element of our daily communications on the internet. Every message in the making will either end with an emoji, or include them in the text. Emojis have not only improved the way and speed with the way we express our emotions on the internet, but eliminated the necessity of words. There’s a lot that can be communicated using just a few words.

This vast portion of digital linguistics should be a standard feature on every digital device and platform and device! Microsoft Windows also comes with an Emoji keyboard, which users are able to choose from the Unicode collection of emojis, without the hassle of scrolling through pages containing emojis just to duplicate and copy emojis. It’s accessible across all operating systems, regardless of the application or website you’re currently using.

All you require is these shortcut keys that magically start your Emoji keyboard on Windows 11: Windows Key + Full Stop (.) (.) or Windows Key + Semi-Colon (;).

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Windows 10 vs Windows 11 Emoji Keyboard

Windows 10 and Windows 11 provide all emojis at users’ fingertips with just the click of two keys. Users can search for and utilize emoticons, emojis and symbols using keyword-based as well as manually (browsing) search.

But it is true that the Windows 10 diversity on the Emoji keyboard is limited to the emojis and symbols. Nothing more, and nothing less. Windows 11 broadens that spectrum to a lot more. With more modern symbols as well as more categories and more emojis that are better, everything, from the appearance and feel, to the ease of selecting the appropriate emoticons, is now a level of comfort with the most recent Windows upgrade.

What’s New in Windows 11 Emoji Keyboard

  • GIFs:The common grouping of emoticons, emojis, and symbols that are available in Windows 10, now has an entirely new addition to the list: GIFs! Windows 11 offers a GIF section within the Emoji keyboard that is itself! Users can now look up GIFs using the same ease that they search for emoticons, emojis, and other symbols. In addition, there are a variety of graphic interface formats that are readily available as well.
  • Clipboard History:The “Clipboard History’ button is a brand-new feature of Windows 11. Windows 11 emoji keyboard. It’s something never-before-seen-before. This button saves all recent information pieces in both visual and textual form. This makes it easier to use the information saved.
  • More EmojisThe Emojis available on Windows 11 emoji keyboard is larger and more effective. They’re more vivid than the ones that are available on Windows 10. Additionally, the layout of the Emoji lists is arranged in a way that minimizes the amount of clutter and making it easier to identify and use.
  • More Options Available:All classifications on the Emoji keyboard are represented by individual icons which are displayed on top of the keyboard. Windows 10 has this grouping around the lower part of the keyboard emoji in addition to a general grouping on the top. Windows 11 keyboard Windows 11 keyboard presents a simple and tidy layout.
  • Improved Search Area:The Windows 10 keyboard had an magnifying glass icon that indicated the “Search” button. Windows 11 has simplified the search for Emojis. There’s now an option to search directly with the icon for search, instead of just the search icon. The search box is general in the first window, but becomes more specific as you go through each section.
  • More Movability:The new Emoji keyboard can be moved easily across the screen using the help of the horizontal line or hyphen that is located at on top.

Additional options:Each section in the keyboard is clear to view. The update has made every aspect of the Emoji keyboard simple and simple to use. Each aspect of this feature can be classified into categories (emojis emoticons, symbols, emoticons, and GIFs).

Using the Windows 11 Emoji Keyboard

The commands that summon the Emoji keyboard on Windows 11 are Windows Key + Full-Stop (.) or Windows key + Semi-Colon (;). Emojis can be opened with the Windows key + Semi-Colon (;). keypad on all screens, even your homescreen. Emojis can only be seen in formats that support textual input.

When the Emoji keyboard is accessible, you can browse the list of emojis in two ways. Both lead to the same location. Click on Smiley Face icon on the top of the page, which will bring you to the list of all Emojis.

You can also use the arrowhead on the right located in the same line that is the Emoji tag and then click “See more Emoji’.

When searching for emojis ensure that you type only single words that best express the emotion, action, or emotion you want to translate into emojis, using the search bar. Anything other than a single word (except the exact names of emojis) names) is not registered and therefore will not show any results.

Select the appropriate emoji from the choices available in the section ‘Emoji’ by pressing it with a the mouse or, if using a keyboard, you can use to navigate (arrow) keys to highlight the emoji you want to use, and then press Enter.

You can add any number of emojis you like using the keyboard for emojis at your side. It will never go away until you decide to shut it down. It is also possible to change the type of emojisused, alter the search terms or keywords, and use different Emojis as well. Emoji keyboards are available throughout the entire process.

Make use of your Emoji keyboard within Windows 11 to search for Emojis, GIFs, Symbols and utilize them in any application or site that supports Unicode characters.