How to Turn On Network Discovery in Windows 11

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How to Turn On Network Discovery in Windows 11

Switch on Network Discovery in the Windows PC to share files or printers to other Windows devices on the local network.

Network Discovery is one of the most important capabilities of Windows. Network Discovery allows you to transfer files between a computer and another Windows computer via the local network.

This eliminates the hassle of moving the data to another storage device, and then repeating the process on your target system. Furthermore, this peer-to-peer connectivity mode is not just an easier and faster method of transfer information. It also ensures that the data is transferred only to the person who is intended. In addition you could also grant restricted access to sensitive data and other sensitive information.

Although Windows 11 is leaps ahead in terms of design and the other under-the-hood improvements however, the procedure of switching on Network Discovery still remains largely the same.

Turn On Network Discovery from the Settings App

Network Discovery is turned on by default when connected to private networks, however, as there are many public networks that are not secure, it is disabled by default. Additionally, you may have set up your computer to ensure to ensure that Network Discovery is turned off by default , even on private networks.

To start, first go into the Start menu, then select the tile ‘Settings’ under the ‘Pinned applications section to proceed. If not, enter “Settings” in the search bar to perform a search for it.

Then, on the left sidebar on the Settings window, click the ‘Network and internet tab to continue.

If you’re here to enable Network Discovery when connected with WiFi From the left side in the window for Settings, click on the “Wi-Fi” tiles to proceed.

Then, click the tile that connects to your network just below the ‘WiFi’ tile to proceed.

On the following screen look for the Network profile type and then click the radio button that is next to “Private Network If it is not chosen to enable Network Discovery. Network Discovery.

It is recommended that the Network Discovery should now be activated, in the event that you’re unable to locate other devices in the network. Select the Network & internet tab on the left-hand side in the Settings window to continue.

Then, in the right side in the windows, find then click the “Advanced Network Settings’ tile to continue.

Then, on the Advanced Network Settings screen, look for the Advanced Sharing Settings tile under the ‘More Settings section. Click on it to continue.

Then, on another screen look for the tile ‘Network Discovery’ and then click the switch that toggles to move it to the “On” position If it isn’t already on.

Find the ‘File and Printer Sharing tile that is located just below it. Click on the toggle switch located at the very right-hand edge of the tile. This will switch it to the “On position, if it is not switched on.

If you’re trying to enable Network Discover to enable Ethernet connections in the settings window select the Network & Internet tab in the sidebar left, to continue.

Then, in the right part of the window select then click the “Ethernet tile to continue.

On the screen for setting ‘Ethernet Click on the radio button that is next to “Private network” to enable Network Discovery for that particular local connection.

Check to see if you’ve switched on ‘Network Discover as well as ‘File as well as Printer Sharing’ in your advanced settings of sharing for private networks, as shown above in the ‘WiFi section to enable your computer to be discovered on the network , as well as being able to transfer or receive data.

Turning on Network Discovery for Public Networks

There are situations that you’re connecting to Wi-Fi public connections or Ethernet connections, but you require Network Discovery in order to share files , without altering the classification that the connection falls under. It is a good thing that you can enable Network Discovery on public connections too.

To enable Network Discovery on Public Networks From the Settings window, click the Network & internet’ tab present on the left sidebar. Click to move on.

Then, in the right side on the internet, find then click the “Advanced network settings Tile to proceed.

On another screen, you can scroll to find the ‘Advanced Sharing Settings Tile under the ‘More Settings section. Click on it to continue.

On the Advanced Sharing Settings screen, click on the tile titled ‘Public Networks’ to expand the area. When it is expanded look for the ‘Network sharing tile, and then click the toggle switch at the very right-hand edge of the tile . This will bring it into the “On” position. Next, go to the ‘File and Printer sharing’ tile that is located below it, and click the toggle switch in the tile, bringing it back to the position of ‘On’.

Now you’ve switched on Network Discovery for public networks.

How To Share a Folder on a Local Network

When you’ve got Network Discovery turned on your Windows PC and you have Network Discovery turned on, you are able to easily share a folder or a file to other Windows devices that are connected to the network. Additionally, you can select the person with whom you want to share your particular folder, and also customize the permissions to access the content, if you don’t want users to modify the shared files.

If you want to share your folder on devices on your network first go to the folder that you want to share with File Explorer.

After you’ve located the folderor files you want to share, click right-click on the icon to open the contextual menu. After that, select the option ‘Properties’ in the contextual menu to continue. Alternately, you can use the Alt+Enter keys simultaneously with your keyboard in order to access the properties.

Then, in the window ‘Properties select the tab ‘Sharing. From the tab ‘Sharing’, select and click the Share button. This will open a new display on the screen.

From the newly open window, click the dropdown menu that is located under the ‘Choose who you want to share your information with’ section. After that, select the option ‘Everyone’ from the dropdown menu. Then, click the Share button in the lower right-hand corner of the window to continue.

After sharing, other members will have the ability to find the folder in the File Explorer (This PC) screen, if connecting to the identical local network. Then, click the button ‘Done’ at the bottom of the screen and close it.