How to Turn Off Text to Speech in Windows 10

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How to Turn Off Text to Speech in Windows 10

Text to Speech, also called Narrator in Windows 10, is a program that speaks the text displayed on the screen, in addition to the different actions that users perform when working. The Narrator tool can be consequently, beneficial to people visually impaired who are unable to comprehend the text displayed that is displayed on screen.

Many users with good eye may be irritated by this feature as it can hinder their work. Think about working with a computer that has the text-to-speech feature turned on. You’ll hear every move you perform, everything you type, and also hear the text displayed on the screen. If you work with focus, then this function could affect your work.

Text to Speech is disabled by default. If it’s enabled on your system, you can easily disable it from the settings or by using your keyboard’s shortcut.

Turning Off Text to Speech in Windows 10

Click right-click on the Windows sign in the lower left corner of the taskbar to launch the menu called Quick Access. Select “Settings” from the menu of choices. You can also hit Windows + I to open the ‘Settings.’

Within the Settings window, choose the option ‘Ease of Access’..

In the Ease of Access settings, search for the ‘Narrator’ option on the left, and click it.

Then, click the toggle next to “Use Narrator on’ to disable it.

When the toggle is turned off, the it will change from white to blue, and the word ‘Off’ will appear in the front, instead of “On”.

The feature that allows text to speech has been disabled. You can also utilize keys to turn it off. Use the keyboard shortcut Windows + CTRL + ENTER to switch off the text to speech.

It is also possible to activate it with the keyboard shortcut to enable the feature of text to speech.

When the narrator is off you will be able to concentrate and concentrate effectively.