How to Rotate Screen on a Windows 11 PC

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How to Rotate Screen on a Windows 11 PC

You can quickly rotate your screen either via your Settings app or by using the keyboard shortcuts available on the Windows 11 PC.

The ability to rotate a screen comes in handy at various situations, particularly when you project your computer’s screen onto an external screen with an alternative orientation.

The good news is that rotating the screen on the Windows PC is a very easy task that requires any effort on your part. You can rotate the screen by using the Settings application on your computer and you can utilize keyboard shortcuts to control the rotation of your screen.

We’ll start by using the Settings option to rotate the screen , and then look into keyboard shortcuts for doing similar things on your computer.

Rotate Screen Using the Settings App

This technique comes in useful if you need to alter other display-related settings, in addition to the orientation of your screen.

Then, go to the Start Menu, then click on the icon ‘Settings’ located in the ‘Pinned applications section. You can also type the menu to do the search.

On the Settings window, ensure that you’ve selected the tab ‘System’ from the left sidebar before proceeding.

Then, in the right side in the windows, you can click on the tile ‘Display’ to proceed.

Alternately, you can click on the desktop with a right-click to open the context menu, and then select the option ‘Display settings’. This will directly access the menu for display settings.

The next page, look for the ‘Scale and layout section, and click to open the menu present on the tile ‘Landscape’ to open the menu.

Select the desired option to instantly change the orientation. To help you understand here is a brief overview of the various options available:

  • Landscape: The normal orientation of the screen is referred to as landscape.
  • Portrait: The option rotates your screen 90 ° to your left.
  • Landscape (flipped): This will rotate the screen 180 degrees i.e your screen will be in the opposite direction.
  • Portrait (flipped): Similar to the portrait option, this rotates your screen 90 ° to your right.

When the orientation has changed and you are notified, you will see an alert on the screen, asking you to either maintain the modifications or change them back to the original configuration. Select the ‘Keep changes’ option to save the change. If there is no input by you your orientation is reset to the prior setting.

Change Screen Orientation Using Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to swiftly alter the orientation of your screen without having to go through the hoops in the menus, then using the shortcuts is the best method. But keep in mind that shortcuts are designed to only work on machines equipped with Intel graphics cards.

To turn your screen by 90° to left Press the Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrowkeys using your keyboard. The orientation of the screen will change instantly.

To turn your screen by 90° to the left Press the keys Ctrl+Alt+Right together using your keyboard. The screen will rotate instantly.

If you want to turn your screen to the upside Press the keys Ctrl+Alt+Down using your keyboard. There is no confirmation required from your end.

To change the orientation of your screen to normal, press Ctrl+Alt+Up. Arrow keys on your keyboard.

You’re done, folks. changing the orientation of your screen is as easy as this for the Windows 11 PC.