How to Lock Screen on Windows 11

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How to Lock Screen on Windows 11

Secure the Windows 11 PC when you’re to safeguard your data and privacy.

If you are in a shared space or are regularly using your laptop in public settings It is recommended to secure your computer when you leave it alone to ensure that nobody else has access to your private documents.

There are many methods to secure the doors of your Windows 11 PC. You can make use of a shortcut to swiftly secure your PC, or you can set an inactivity timeframe following which you will need be able to input your username and password in order to access the desktop.

Another alternative is to install the dynamic lock feature in the Windows 11 PC to automatically secure your computer when it senses that you are not in close proximity to the device. Although the Dynamic lock isn’t without its flaws and loopholes, all that being stated, it’s a handy feature that could be extremely useful in the moment when you need it.

Let’s begin and discover all the options you have to secure your PC with Windows 11.

Secure the computer Windows 11 Computer With a Keyboard Shortcut

As we mentioned earlier, Windows lets you quickly secure your computer by using the shortcut. There’s no menus to navigate through or scrolling around the screen. Just click two buttons and you’re done.

To secure your computer in this manner, you will be able to be anywhere on the screen or browsing through files with File Explorer, streaming an movie or editing a photo or performing any other task and all other activities you want to do on the computer. If you want to quit your computer, just hit the Windows key + L on your keyboard, and your computer will be locked instantly.

Your PC will be locked after an Inactivity Period that you have defined

This technique can be very handy when you have to attend to a different urgent business or when a quick excursion to buy coffee or water is delayed because of a reason. The greatest benefit is that you can choose the that your computer will require a password to unlock.

To access this, go to the app ‘Settings’ or one of the apps that you have pinged or search for it on within the Start Menu.

Click on the tab ‘Personalization’ from in the sidebar on your left.

Alternately, you can click on the Desktop and choose the option ‘Personalize’ in the contextual menu. This will directly go to the ‘Personalize page’ of the Settings application.

Then, on the right-hand left side on the Settings window, click on the tile ‘Lockscreen’ to continue.

Then, scroll down to find the ‘Related Settings section, and then click on the screen saver tile. It will display a new screen saver display on the screen.

In the screen saver window, select the drop-down menu, and then select the option you want to use You can also choose the option of ‘Blank’ if you don’t want to create an automatic screen saver.

Then, type in the time after you want to secure your screen next to the ‘Wait Label. After that, you must mark the checkbox that is next to the ‘On resume, show the logon screen’ option. Then, click the ‘Apply’ button in order to save the changes, and then press the OK button to close the window.

After a predetermined number of minutes your screen will shut itself off.

Lock your computer when you leave using Dynamic Lock

It is also possible to lock the computer at a time when you leave by connecting your computer to your mobile phone using Bluetooth. It is also an easy, one-time and easy procedure.

Connect your phone via Bluetooth to your computer

Before you can utilize Dynamic Lock, Dynamic Lock feature it is necessary to connect your smartphone to the Windows 11 computer via Bluetooth. If your phone already has a Bluetooth connection with your computer, you are able to skip this step and move on to the next section.

To pair your smartphone go to Settings option from the pins or search for it on your Start Menu.

Click on the ‘Bluetooth and devices on in the sidebar to your left.

Then, in the right side in the Settings window, click on the tile ‘Add device’ to proceed. It will display a new display on the screen.

Then, on the screen ‘Add a device then click on the “Bluetooth tile to continue.

NOTE: Make sure your mobile phone is in “Bluetooth Discovery” mode prior to you proceed further.

After that, Windows will search for your phone to pair. When you see the name of your device on the screen, tap it to start your pairing procedure.

After pairing, you’ll be informed of this in the screen. You are now ready to install Dynamic Lock for your PC.

Configure and use Dynamic Lock by navigating to the Settings

After your mobile phone has been connected to the Windows 11 computer, you have everything set to configure and enable Dynamic lock on your device.

Go to the Settings application for the Windows 11 PC, then select the ‘Accounts tab on the sidebar on your left.

Then, click the “Sign in options” tile in the upper right-hand corner of the window.

Scroll down, and select the option ‘Dynamic Lock’ in the ‘Additional settings section of the “Sign-in options” window.

After that, you need to click the box that is next to the “Allow Windows to lock your device when you’re not using it option to activate Dynamic Lock. Dynamic Lock option.

The next step is that Windows will scan your current Bluetooth device and choose the one that is compatible. The program displays the connected device’s name on the screen.

That’s it! Dynamic Lock has been activated on your PC.

A Few Other Ways to lock Your Windows 11 PC

If you like variety in your life, there are few other routes you could take to secure the doors of your Windows 11 PC and make sure that it doesn’t get boring.

To secure your PC via your Start menu Click at the Windows icon in the taskbar, and then click on the account image icon located at the lower left corner of the flyout. Then, select the option ‘Lock’ to immediately lock your computer.

You can also secure your computer by removing it from your Windows security screens To do this simply press Ctrl+Alt+Del from your keyboard. After that, select the option ‘Lock screen’ to instantly lock your screen.

This is all there is to it You can easily secure the security of your Windows 11 PC using all the methods above.