How to Install or Update Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 11

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How to Install or Update Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 11

Four easy methods to install or update the Intel Bluetooth driver for your Windows 11 PC.

Drivers are a crucial piece of software that allows users to utilize a specific installed component on your computer. For instance there is the Bluetooth driver is one component that is extremely important because it allows your computer to transfer media files and transfer them to other devices that are nearby. Additionally, Bluetooth on a Windows PC can be extremely useful to secure your system since the Dynamic Lock function is dependent on it.

In general, Windows itself usually takes charge of driver issues , and makes sure that they are up-to-date to ensure you have an easy experience. However, there are situations that the operating system may require human intervention to complete this job.

However, updating or installing the Bluetooth driver on Windows 11 is a very simple procedure. In addition the fact that when you are using Windows 11, some of the methods are standard and can be used for installing your Bluetooth driver or to update it according to your preferences.

Installor Update Intel Bluetooth Driver from the Settings App

If you’ve purchased an entirely new PC or have repaired your PC and discover there is a Bluetooth driver is not there it is easy to install it by going to the “Optional Updates section of the Settings app. Typically, Windows will scan the system and display these drivers in the form of updates on your computer. But, sometimes, not-critical updates be stuck within the “optional updates” section and require your assistance to finish the installation.

Additionally, this method is effective even when you update an already installed driver. Although Windows generally handles updates by itself, it is possible to be stuck at times. If that happens the issue could occur in the update too like the situation when the installation is stuck.

To update or install the driver using this method, first go into the Start menu, and select the ‘Settings’ icon tile that is located under the ‘Pinned Apps section. Click on the next button to proceed. If not, enter Settings in the menu to conduct an app search. Alternately, use the Windows+I keys simultaneously using your keyboard. This will launch the application.

Then, in the Settings window, select the Windows Update tab located in the lower left-hand sidebar, to move on.

From the left part of the window, select the ‘Advanced Options Tile’ that is located under the section ‘More options’ to proceed.

On the next screen, scroll to find and click on the ‘Optional Updates tile under the section ‘Additional options’ to continue.

Then, find and click on the “Driver Updates tile to expand it. From the list of drivers available look for the Bluetooth driver and then click the checkbox that is next to the specific item. Then, click the ‘Download and install’ button at the bottom of the page to begin the installation process of this driver.

Update or install the Intel Bluetooth Driver from the Device Manager

If you are looking to download the Bluetooth driver, or want to update it by using the device manager, you’ll be able to complete the task quickly and without difficulty.

Then, go to the Start Menu and type in Device Manager into the search bar to perform a lookup for the. After that, in the results of your search you can click on the ‘Device Manager tile to launch the application.

Then, in the “Device Manager window, search for and click on the downward arrow that is located before the category ‘Bluetooth. From the options that are expanded, select the Intel Wireless Bluetooth driver, and then right-click it to open the contextual menu. Then, select the option ‘Properties’ to continue. It will display a new display on the screen.

In the window that is opened separately You can see the current state of driver that is installed on the hardware on your computer. If no driver is identified the window will say that it is not detected. After that, click the button ‘Update driver’ located just below the “Device status” area.

If you’re looking to update your driver that is already installed Click on the tab ‘Driver’ at the top in the windows. After that, click on the button ‘Update driver’ located within the window to continue. This will open a new display on the screen.

Then, in the window that is opened separately select the “Search automatically for drivers” option to let the Windows look for the most recent driver on the Microsoft servers.

If your computer already has a driver update program then click the ‘Browse your computer to find drivers’ button to continue. This will bring up an File Explorer window on your screen, which you can use to navigate through and choose the driver package you want to update.

After the update or install is completed successfully You may require restarting your computer to make the changes effective. Therefore, you must restart your PC by using your Start Menu.

Download and install the driver from the Intel Support Website

If you’re unable to locate drivers for your device using the methods above then you should visit Intel’s official support site to install Bluetooth drivers. Bluetooth driver to your personal computer.

To do so, first, head to using your preferred web browser. After the page is loaded, scroll down the page, then click the dropdown menu, then select the Windows 10 and Windows 11′ option to browse the drivers that are supported.

Then, in the next column, in the ‘Package Version In the column ‘Package Version Click on the one that is labelled ‘Latest’. This will download the most recent Bluetooth driver for your computer. It will take you to a different page.

On the next page, click the button ‘Download’ under the option ‘Available Downloads’ to proceed. This will open an additional overlay window that you can see on your screen.

From the newly open overlay window, click the button that says ‘I agree to terms of the agreement’ button to start the download.

Once you have downloaded you can go to the default downloads directory and double-click on the .EXE file that you downloaded.

Then you will see a UAC (User Account Control) window will be displayed in your display. If you’re not logged into your account as an administrator then enter the credentials to create one. If not, click the ‘Yes’ button in order to start an installation wizard.

From the set-up window, click the button ‘Next’ in the lower right-hand corner of the window to continue.

On your next page, you need to click the checkbox that is next to the ‘I agree to the terms of the License Agreement’ option to choose it. After that, click the button ‘Next’ to proceed.

The next step is to select the type of setup. Select the ‘Complete’ option to install all features that are supported by the Bluetooth hardware. This will take up more disk space. If not, select the “Typical” button to install the standard features that are available on all hardware, and give you the features. If you want to alter the directory or modify the installation, click to select the button ‘Custom’ to continue.

After that, in the wizard for installation select the ‘Install button to begin the installation process of the driver.

After installation, you may require restarting your PC to make the changes effective to your system. This can be done by selecting your Menu called Start Menu of your computer.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Driver

This is among the easiest methods to upgrade the Bluetooth driver with the most recent version. All you have to do is remove Bluetooth driver on your Windows PC, and then restart the computer to allow Windows discover the most recent and most compatible driver for Bluetooth on your computer.

Then, go to the Start Menu, and search for Device Manager. an internet search for it. After that, in the results of your search you can click on the Device Manager tile to proceed.

Then, in your Device Manager window click on the Bluetooth’ section to open it up. From the menu that appear within the section that is expanded, find the Intel Bluetooth option and click it with a right-click to open the contextual menu. From the contextual menu select the option ‘Uninstall device’ to continue. This will open a new display on the screen.

Then, in the newly open window, click the checkbox that is next to the ‘Attempt to delete the driver from this device’ choice. After that, click the button ‘Uninstall’ at the bottom of the window. This will completely eliminate the driver from your device.

After successfully removing the malware, you can restart your computer using your Start Menu. After restarting your PC, launch Settings. Settings app.

After that, select the ‘Windows update’ button on the left-hand sidebar.

In the left-hand side in the windows, click on the Advanced options tile.

Click on the option ‘Optional updates’ located under the ‘Additional Options section.

Then, click on the tile ‘Drivers’ to expand the area. Find the Intel Bluetooth’ driver within the list. When you locate it then, select the checkbox that is preceding the option to choose the driver. After that, click the ‘Download and Install’ button for the installation of your driver.

That’s all there is to it. You’ve now succeeded in installing Bluetooth as the Bluetooth driver to the Windows 11 PC.

You’re right, folks. One of these methods will surely work for you . Install or upgrade your Intel Bluetooth Driver on your Windows 11 PC.