How to Fix Minecraft Installer Not Working Issue on a Windows 11 PC

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How to Fix Minecraft Installer Not Working Issue on a Windows 11 PC

Find out how to fix the issue if Minecraft isn’t working in the way you expect on your computer.

We’ve all heard of Minecraft and have played it at one point in the past. If you don’t know the meaning behind what Minecraft is, it is the first survival game that launched the genre of survival games and is a popular choice among players since its debut in the year 2011. In the game, you can play, explore structures, construct structures, battle monsters, live and more your friends or on your own.

If you’re installing Minecraft for the computer running Windows 11 computer or re-downloading the game after upgrading your system, you may encounter the “Minecraft installer isn’t working’ problem. If this is the case, this guide will provide various methods you can employ to remove this issue from your computer and begin your adventures in blocks.

Restart Your Computer

If you’re unable to launch the Minecraft launcher, the first thing you need to do is restart your computer, and then attempt to start Minecraft again. To do this first, you need to click the ‘X’ in the right-hand side in Minecraft Launcher. Minecraft Launcher window

Then, press then the Windows key on the keyboard, to launch your Start menu. From there, select the Power icon. From your power choices, choose Restart.

When your computer is booted up After that, you can run the Minecraft launcher again to check if it’s functioning.

Run Minecraft Installer in Administrator Mode

To start Minecraft as an administrator, you must first enter ‘Minecraftinstaller’ into the Search Menu search. Then, select the Run as administrator option. An UAC prompt will pop up and you can click yes, and then run Minecraft. Minecraft installer.

Terminate Minecraft Process Using Task Manager

Start The Task Manager using CTRL+Shift+ESC on your keyboard, or searching for it using the Start Menu search and then selecting it from the results of your search.

When the Task manager window is open, switch to the tab ‘Details. The in use processes are displayed in this tab.

Scroll down, and select ‘Minecraft.exe From the list. If you see multiple of them, simply choose one and click the ‘End Task’ button..

An information box should pop up. Then, click “End process” then you will see the Minecraft process will end.

Make Sure You Are Using a Legit Installer

If you find that the Minecraft installer isn’t working on your system, ensure that you are using a legitimate installer. Most illegal or pirated installers are modified to get around the DRM check , but during this manner, they could be corrupted or contain malware. So, when you run these installers that are pirated, not only do they not perform, but they even harm your system.

To avoid disappointment , and to protect your computer from possible threats, you must install Minecraft’s Minecraft installer from trusted sources, such as the official Minecraft Download webpage as well as The Microsoft Store. It isn’t a great method, and even when you don’t wish to shell out about 27dollars or 2000 INR, you can always purchase an Xbox Game Pass where you can play this game as well as other games for a fraction of the cost.

Remove Mod Files

This method only works only if you have Minecraft prior to that and included mods. Even if you remove Minecraft usually, the mod files aren’t removed and must be manually removed. If you have mods from a previous version of Minecraft and are now trying to install a different version of Minecraft it is possible that the installation may not function.

To delete the mid-files, first, open your Run screen by hitting Windows+R in your keyboard. In the Run window, type “%appdata *%’, and then hit Enter.

This will allow you to access the ‘Roaming’ directory. In your File Explorer window, open the ‘.minecraft’ folder by double-clicking it.

There is mods’ folder within the ‘.minecraft’ directory. The folder typically includes all mods installed. Right-click this folder, and then hit ‘DEL’ on your keyboard or click on the icon that says ‘Delete’ in the menu.

After you have removed all mods, run the Minecraft launcher again to check if it is working this time.

Run the Microsoft Installer in Compatibility Mode

If you’re unable access the Minecraft installer in normal mode, you can attempt to run it in compatibility mode. First, locate where you have installed the ‘Minecraftinstaller.exe’ file, for example here, we have it on the desktop. Now right-click on ‘Minecraftinstaller.exe’ and then select ‘Properties’.

On the window for properties, go to the tab ‘Compatibility’ and then select the checkbox under the section ‘Compatibility mode’ which says ‘Run this application in compatibility mode for Then, in the dropdown menu, select Windows 8 as the option. Then, in the section Settings, make sure to check the box that says “Disable fullscreen optimizations”.

After you have completed the changes, click “Apply” and then “OK”. Close the browser and then run Minecraft. Run the Minecraft installer to verify whether this has was successful.

Allow Minecraft Installer through Firewall

If your Windows Defender Firewall is set to stop the Minecraft installer, then it’s preventing from preventing the Minecraft installer from working correctly. Start by opening your Settings menu using Windows+I on the keyboard. In the Settings window, first click on Privacy and Security on the left side and then select Windows Security from the right side.

Click on “Firewall and network protection” on the right side of the screen.

A new window will pop up, titled Windows Security. In the next window, scroll down to the right side of the screen and click “Allow an application to access your firewall’.

Then, in the “Allowed Apps” window, you’ll be able to see all the applications and features that require access to firewalls. Scroll down to see whether there is a list that says ‘Minecraft Launcher’. If not, then you can skip this step however if it’s there make sure that you can see that the box below Private as well as Public are checked.

The word ticked means that it is permitted and an empty box means not having access to the firewall. If you notice the boxes are not filled, then select the ‘Change settings’ button.

Then, you must check both boxes for Public and Private and click “OK”.

Uninstall Antivirus

Some antiviruses stop third-party installers downloaded via the internet. Because you can only download Minecraft’s Minecraft installation software from the official website, antiviruses can think it is malware or a threat and block you from using it. In these instances the most effective option is disable or remove the antivirus.

When you need to remove software, it is accomplished quite quickly. It is possible to open your Settings menu by typing it into the search box in the Start menu. Select Apps from the left side, and then select ‘Apps and features’ on the right side to see an application list and remove your Antivirus software from the list.

You can also search for Control Panel or Control Panel’ on the Start Menu search box and then choose it from the search results. When you are in the Control Panel window opens, select ‘Uninstall a Program to remove the antivirus from the same list.

Download Minecraft from the Xbox app

Minecraft has been added recently to the Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription-based online service that can purchase an ever-growing library of games for a short period of time. In the past, Minecraft was not part of the games library however, if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription you can install and play both Java and Bedrock Minecraft version. Minecraft.

If you find that the Minecraft installer isn’t working , this is among the most effective options at your disposal. Start your Xbox app by entering “Xbox in the Windows search box and then selecting the application from the results.

When the Xbox window is opened Type ‘Minecraft’ into the search bar that is located in the upper middle of the window . Then select the option ‘Minecraft to Windows + Launcher’ from the results of your search.

Then, click “Install”.

Then, a dialog box will pop up. There, you will be able to select the location you would like it to be installed , or for an option for a desktop shortcut. After you have set these options then click the “Install” button to begin the downloading.

The download will be completed and when it’s finished, you can launch the game with the Xbox application and begin your adventure in your Minecraft world.

Check that your PC meets the minimum requirements

It may be a shocker, however, even with Minecraft being a well-known game due to its capability to run on very little hardware, it does have certain minimal requirements. It was first released in 2011, and despite having been a decade older, the game has seen a number of enhancements.

As the developers continue to improve the game by adding new features, it makes reaching those minimum settings or the recommended mark increasingly more crucial. Below is a list of the minimum system requirements for running Minecraft:

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 3210 or AMD A8 7600 APU
  • GPU For integrated graphics cards, it’s the Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5 series. in the case of dedicated graphics cards,, the minimum requirements are NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series, or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series.
  • RAM: Minimum 4 Gigabytes of DDR3 RAM
  • OS: 64-Bit Windows 7
  • Connection: Active Ethernet or WIFI Connection

If the specifications of your hardware do not meet the requirements of the list, then you may not be able to play Minecraft on the current system.

Make Sure Graphics Drivers are Updated

If your graphics driver installed on your system are not up-to-date, it could result in the Minecraft installer to not work. If you’d like to look for updates to your graphics driver You can do this by using a variety of methods.

If you’re using an exclusive graphics card, you can utilize this dedicated GPU software to monitor for updates to your driver. If you own an NVIDIA graphics card, it’s NVIDIA GeForce Experience. In the case of an AMD graphics card, the name would become RADEON Software.

Alternately, you can make use of alternatively, you can use the Device Manager app in Windows 11 to update the graphics driver. In some instances, GPU driver updates can be located in the option updates section of the Windows Update settings menu.