How to Find the Path of a Network Drive in Windows 10

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How to Find the Path of a Network Drive in Windows 10

If a network drive is mapped, it is possible to transfer data between your workstations or at home. If you upload an existing file to a drive that is mapped and make any modifications the file will be accessible to all devices with connectivity to that drive. It is a great alternative to sharing files after they update them every time via other media such as Email.

You must be aware of the network drive in order to connect to it and gain access to data. It is easy to determine how to connect to a network drive within Windows 10. Windows 10 offers you two methods to determine the path: the Command Prompt as well as File Explorer. File Explorer method. Because a lot of users aren’t at ease with Command Prompt, we will discuss both ways in the article to help your comprehension.

Finding the Path of a Network Drive in Windows 10

Via Command Prompt

Find Command Prompt in the search menu, and then open it. You can use Windows + R and enter ‘cmd’ into the text box, then hit Enter or press OK to open Command Prompt.

In the Command Prompt, enter the following command to display the remote route of the network drive.

net use

The entire information about the drive that is mapped on your device is visible on your screen. Status shows whether the drive is being mapping or not. Local displays the drive letter you’ve assigned for the drive. Remote displays the drive path of the drive that has been mapped.

Via File Explorer

To determine the network drive, using File Explorer, click on “This PC in the left side of Explorer. Double-click the drive you want to map under the tab ‘Network Locations’.

The route of the mapped network drive is visible in the upper right.

If you now are aware of how to locate the path of a network drive on Windows 10, you can locate the drive to your computer with any of the methods described in the article.