How to Enter BIOS on a Windows 11 PC

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How to Enter BIOS on a Windows 11 PC

Find out how you can access the BIOS via Startup and Windows 11 settings in order to modify your PC’s hardware settings.

BIOS, also known as Basic Input/Output System, is a built-in application that can start Windows whenever you power on your PC. It also controls data flow across the operating system and various devices like keyboards, mouse hard disk, and other devices.

Another significant feature of BIOS that not all users may be aware of is the capability to alter the hardware and system settings. This is useful if you encounter an issue and Windows isn’t booting. Additionally, certain modifications can only be done through the BIOS, this makes it more crucial to learn how to access the BIOS on the Windows 11 PC.

In the past, you could enter BIOS immediately upon boot by pressing the appropriate keys. However, modern computers start Windows within a matter of seconds, not giving you sufficient time for pressing the BIOS button. If your computer boots up really fast, don’t fret. You are able to still access BIOS via the System Settings.

Additionally, you should know that the BIOS key that is pressed at Startup or similar keys are not identical for every computer manufacturer. But the idea and procedure remain identical, and once you understand it, you will be able to access BIOS on any computer.

NOTE: We used an HP laptop to write the report. The keyboard or interface may differ from other brands. We suggest that you read the manual for your PC or visit the website of the manufacturer for more details.

Enter BIOS at Startup

As we mentioned before it is essential to be quick in your responses when you enter the BIOS during Startup because Windows starts up very quickly with the most recent computer models. Once you are in the BIOS you can take time that you need to look through the different options and options.

To start the BIOS system turn on your computer and then hit the ESC button as soon as the screen is lit up to open the Start Menu.

The Startup menu you’ll see a variety of options, and the key that is specific to each option listed next to it. To access the BIOS Press F10.

Now, you will be able to access the BIOS of the Windows 11 PC. Browse through it and make any necessary adjustments.

We would like to remind you that the interface and the keys for accessing the choices could be different for different brands.

Input BIOS in Windows Settings

If you are one of those who fail to press the key needed to enter BIOS may choose this method. But, first you’ll need to start the Windows RE (Recovery Environment) and then go into BIOS. Here’s how to do it.

To access BIOS via Settings, click on the icon ‘Start’ on the Taskbar or press Windows + X to open the Quick Access Menu then choose ‘Settings’ from the menu of choices. Alternately, use WINDOWS + I to open Settings directly.

Under the tab ‘System’ of Settings Select “Recovery” on the right.

Then, click “Restart now” next to the ‘Advanced Startup’ option under ‘Recovery’ options’ to start your computer within Windows RE.

Click on Restart now in the pop-up window that opens.

The system will start up and you’ll get three choices. choose Troubleshoot.

Then, select “Advanced Options”.

There are now six options under the Advanced Options’. Select the ‘UEFI Firmware Options’.

Click on Restart to reboot the computer and open into the Start Menu.

Now, you will be in into the Startup Menu, the one that we entered during the startup step. Then, hit on the F10 key to open the “BIOS”.

While entering the BIOS is a little longer using Settings rather than using the Startup method, it is an absolute method. It also works on any model of computer, new or old, and regardless of how fast they start Windows.

It is now easy to enter the BIOS of the Windows 11 PC with either of these two methods. After entering the BIOS it is recommended to avoid making any changes to settings that you don’t know about as it may damage your system. If you are following instructions on websites first ensure that the source is trustworthy and adhere to the directions.