How to Enable Dark Mode in Notepad on Windows 11

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How to Enable Dark Mode in Notepad on Windows 11

Enhance readability and decrease eyestrain by switching off your Dark Mode in Notepad on Windows 11 with these quick steps.

The new Windows 11 if you enable dark mode, it will apply an dark theme for the taskbar the Start menu, File Explorer, Settings app, and a variety of other apps that are supported. But, this dark theme was not available to the Notepad application – until the present. In the end, Windows 11 now allows users to switch on darkness mode on the inbuilt Notepad and other Notepad apps.

Microsoft has launched the brand new Notepad application that has been specifically made specifically for Windows 11 to go perfectly and complement its aesthetics and also support dark mode. If you’re a frequent use of Notepad application, switching to dark mode can make the experience more comfortable for your eyes even in late evening hours. Let’s look at how you can enable dark mode on Notepad using Windows 11.

Enabling Dark Mode in Notepad on Windows 11

There are two ways that you can enable Dark mode within Notepad by Utilizing Windows Settings as well as Notepad settings. First, make sure you’ve installed the most recent OS version and any updates on your computer.

Allow the Dark Mode within Notepad via Windows 11 Settings

If you want to enable the dark mode for all of Windows 11 system, including Notepad and other applications that support dark mode, then you can switch to dark mode by using Windows settings.

Then, you must open the Windows 11 settings application by using Windows search, or by making use of Windows search or the Win+I key combination.

Within the Settings app, navigate to the section ‘Personalization’ on the left-hand side of the screen.

Select the option ‘Colors’ on the right side of the screen.

When you are on the Color page, select the drop-down beside the Select your mode, and then select the option ‘Dark’ in the dropdown menu.

The dark mode is all-encompassing, which includes Notepad. Notepad application.

In the event that Dark Mode is not turned on, your Notepad isn’t using the default theme. If that is the situation, you should apply the following method.

Allow the Dark Mode in Notepad via Notepad Settings

If you wish to enable Dark mode just for Notepad, follow these steps: Notepad app Follow these steps:

Then, start the Notepad application by searching for it within the Windows search box.

When the Notepad app is open, select the ‘gear (Settings) icon in the left-hand side of the screen.

Then, in your Notepad settings, select “App theme” to open the choices.

In default, the “Use System Settings” option is chosen. Select the option ‘Dark’ to apply the Dark theme. added to the Notepad immediately.

If you wish to switch the mode to Light the mode of your theme, select the option ‘Light’ under Theme for App. If the dark mode was not activated when you switched on the dark mode for your entire system, that’s since ‘Light’ was chosen here. If you want to use the similar theme that Windows employs, select the ‘Use System Settings option.

That’s it. It’s as simple as turning on dark mode in Notepad within Windows 11. There’s no reason for straining your eyes when working in Notepad at night.