How to Enable and Use Wireless Display in Windows 11

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How to Enable and Use Wireless Display in Windows 11

You can easily project other devices you own onto your computer’s screen by activating the Wireless Display feature in Windows 11.

At some point, most people have thought whether we could connect other devices to the display of our computers. The Wireless display feature lets users to do this. It is available to Windows 11 as an optional feature.

Wireless Display lets other devices connect to computers to project screens. You can even utilize the input devices that are that are connected to the computer to control the screen projected.

Enabling Wireless Display

Enabling Wireless Display is a simple and quick procedure. It is possible to add it to Windows 11 as an optional feature. Start by opening up the app ‘Settings’ on in the Start Menu.

In the Settings window, choose “Apps” from the left side, and then click on ‘Optional Features on the right.

Then, click the button ‘View Features’ right next to”Add an optional feature” label “Add an optional feature” label.

The “Add an optional feature” dialog box will pop up. Select the search bar, then enter “Wireless Display You should instantly see it appear in the results of your search.

Then, check the box next to the word ‘Wireless Display Click on the Next button in the dialogue.

Then, click the button ‘Install’ and Windows will automatically start downloading and installing Wireless Display. Wireless Display feature.

When the installation is complete the installation will be displayed as “Installed” under the section Recent Actions of the screen for optional features.

Then, restart your computer to allow the changes to be effective and then activate your computer to use the Wireless Display feature on your Windows 11 computer.

Using Wireless Display on Windows 11

It is easy to access your Wireless Display settings by searching for it on Windows Search. Just type “Projection settings” and then select it from the search results.

In the ‘Projecting to this computer’ window Click on the dropdown menu at the top, where it reads Always Off (Recommended) Change it to ‘Available anywhere or available anywhere on secure networks.

Then, click the ‘Launch Connect app to connect onto this PC after which click on the ‘Launch the Connect app to project to this PC.

You will now be connected to your laptop or smartphone to the display. It will be displayed on the window Connect.

To connect to the display of your computer it must connect to that network. In the absence of this, it won’t be able to recognize the display.

How to Uninstall Wireless Display

The process of uninstalling Wireless Display is as simple. The first step is to select the Start Menu icon from the taskbar, then click the ‘Settings’ icon..

In the Settings window, choose Apps in the pane to left, and then select the ‘Optional Features option to the right.

Scroll down until you can see the feature ‘Wireless Display’ and then click to open the dropdown menu beside it.

From the expanded information, click the “Uninstall” button to eliminate this Wireless Display feature from your Windows 11 computer.

You will be able to confirm that the feature has been deleted by seeing the word “Uninstalled” on the Wireless display in”Recent actions.

This guide is hoped to help you connect your other devices onto your computer’s screen wirelessly.