How to Disable or Uninstall McAfee on Windows 11

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How to Disable or Uninstall McAfee on Windows 11

An easy and quick to follow step-by-step procedure to completely eliminate McAfee completely from Windows 11 PC.

When you purchase a brand new Windows device from an outside manufacturer than Microsoft itself, the device comes with McAfee antivirus as a default. It is now advisable to install an antivirus program installed on your PC rather than relying entirely on Windows Defender. If, however, you are relying on another antivirus program over McAfee to protect your computer It is essential to remove McAfee antivirus.

On the other hand there is a possibility that you are content by the McAfee antivirus, but would like to temporarily disable it to install an application from unknown publishers or to try your own applications that are in development or to see what other antivirus software offers in comparison to McAfee.

Whatever the reason for you to remove or disable the software, this step-by-step guide will assist you in the process more swiftly and easily. So, without further ado we’ll begin by turning off the McAfee antivirus, and proceed to the removal of the program.

Temporarily disable Antivirus Security on your computer

Enabling the McAfee antivirus for a short period of time isn’t an overwhelming task. In fact, you only need to turn off the protection, and you can make it activate itself on its own after the desired time.

To open it, click on to open the McAfee Antivirus icon in the icon tray section, and then select the “Open McAfee option in the context menu to launch the application, or look for the app using on the Start Menu.

Then, in the McAfee window, click on the tab ‘My Protection’ to open the sidebar. After that, find and select the ‘Real-Time Scanning option on the left-hand sidebar. Click to continue.

From the screen titled ‘Real-Time Scanning Click on the button that says ‘Turn Off. This will open a new overlay window to your screen.

Then, select the drop-down menu, and choose the desired time period in case you want to activate the protection on a regular basis. If you want to activate this protection by hand, choose the option ‘Never. After that, click the ‘Turn Off’ option in the lower right corner of the pane . This will stop the real-time scanning feature of McAfee.

Once you’ve disabled real-time scanning, you can click the option ‘Scheduled scans’ found on the left sidebar , right under the ‘Real-Time Scanning’ choice. It will display a new display on the screen.

Then, click the button ‘Turn Off’ located on the “Scheduled Scan screen to turn off the scheduled scan service completely.

Following that, as with earlier steps, click on the tab ‘Firewall’ in the lower left-hand sidebar. This will bring you to the settings screen for ‘Firewall’.

Then, click the button ‘Turn Off’ in the ‘Firewall settings’ page to proceed. This will open an additional display window that overlays your screen.

Then, select the drop-down menu that is located in the ‘Turn Off Firewall’ overlay pane , and choose the time before you decide to activate the firewall. If you want to activate it manually, click to select the option ‘Never’ and then click on the button ‘Turn Off’ located on the pane to remove the firewall.

Then, click the option ‘Secure applications’ on the sidebar to continue. You will be taken to the vulnerability scanner settings page.

On the “Vulnerability Scanner’ settings page, click the “Scheduled scan settings” tile to display the options.

Then, you can scroll through the options until you see the option ‘Don’t create scan schedule’ option. Then, select the radio button that is next to the choice. After that, click the ‘Apply’ button in order to save the modifications.

Then you’ll need to scroll down the sidebar until you find the ‘Protect yourself from harm on the internet’ section. then click on the ‘Tracker Remover’ tile.

Click on the tile ‘Schedule’ to display the scheduling settings of the feature.

Then, scroll down to find the ‘Do not Schdeule’ option, and then select the radio button that is next to the option you want to choose. After that, click the ‘Apply’ button in order to save the modifications.

That’s it! You have turned off all McAfee services that are installed on your system. If you’re here to remove the application completely from your system, move ahead to this section.

Completely uninstall McAfee completely from your Windows PC

Uninstalling an application is not an easy task this is for this instance too. In fact, there’s many ways to remove McAfee antivirus. McAfee security software from the Windows 11 PC.

Uninstall McAfee in the Settings App

The easiest method to remove the McAfee antivirus from your computer is through the Settings application. It’s fast simple and easy. This is why it’s the first option to be considered.

To remove McAfee from your computer using this method, you need to open the Settings app by selecting it from the pinned apps in the Start Menu or by searching for it. You can also access it from the Settings application by holding the Windows+I keys simultaneously to open your keyboard.

Then, click on the tab ‘Apps’ on the left-hand right side in the Settings window.

Then, click the ‘Apps and Features Tile’ that is located in the upper right-hand corner in the windows.

In the section ‘App List’ find the McAfee app by scrolling manually or searching using the’search bar’ that is present.

Once you have found it, click the menu for kebabs at the very right-hand edge of each tile. Click on the button ‘Uninstall’ in the contextual menu to launch the uninstaller for McAfee in an additional window.

After that, click the button ‘Uninstall’ to begin the process of uninstalling.

When the uninstaller appears in the display, simply click the checkbox that is next to every option in the ‘Select what you wish to delete’ section to select the entire set of McAfee products that are installed in your computer. After that, click the button ‘Remove’ to begin the process.

Then, on another screen, in case there is an active subscription to the account you have, McAfee notifies you about the subscription. Take note of the details carefully and then click the “Remove” button.

Then, McAfee will uninstall the selected products. Wait as the process is running on the background.

After the software has been removed completely and you are notified of this in the uninstaller window. In order to complete the uninstall process it is necessary to reboot your Windows PC. Click on the “Restart Now button to reboot your computer, then complete the installation.

Uninstall McAfee by using the McAfee Remove Tool for Products

If navigating through the settings is too difficult for you to completely remove the application, or if the standard uninstall doesn’t work on your system due to some reason, you can utilize the removal tool provided by McAfee themselves to completely remove all trace of the program off your computer.

Then first, download first, the McAfee Product Removal Tool (MCPR) on your Windows 11 PC. After downloading, go to the default downloads directory, and double-click your .EXE file you just downloaded to launch the program.

Then you’ll see an UAC screen may show up in your display. If you’re not logged into your account as an administrator then enter the credentials for one. If not, click the ‘Yes’ button in order to continue.

From your MCPR screen, click the button ‘Next’ to begin the removal process.

The next page, you need to click the radio button that is next to the option ‘Agree’ and then click on the next button to proceed.

Then, type in the CAPTCHA text into the text box that appears from the image in the window. Click on the Next button to confirm the text and proceed.

On your next page, McAfee Product Removal Tool will identify all installed software on your system and eliminate the entire system.

When the procedure is completed, MCPR will notify of the same in the window. Then, click the button ‘Restart’ in the lower right corner of the window . This will restart your computer and complete the procedure.

That’s all there is to it. These are the various ways you can deactivate or remove McAfee. McAfee on the Windows 11 PC.