How to Disable or Turn Off Bitdefender on Windows 11

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How to Disable or Turn Off Bitdefender on Windows 11

It is easy to remove Bitdefender for the Windows 11 PC if you require it. Make sure to switch it back on otherwise your computer will become at risk.

Bitdefender is an excellent program offering users numerous benefits, along with protection against viruses. However, at times it may be a bit too efficient and stop users from installing legitimate software. In other instances it can hinder important processes running on your system for instance, when you update Windows.

Although turning off your antivirus isn’t always advisable it is possible to temporarily disable it or turn it off for a short time to install a program or change the settings of your PC. It is a good thing that turning it off or disabling the off button is an easy piece of cake, and you can complete it with just a couple of clicks. Additionally, there are a variety of ways to access Bitdefender for Windows.

Then, head to the lower-right corner of the screen. Click at the “chevron” (upward the arrow) to open the icons for the tray. After that, right-click on the icon ‘Bitdefender. Then, click the option ‘Show’ to continue.

Alternately, you can look it up in on the Start Menu and then click on the tile ‘Bitdefender’ to launch it.

Then, click on the tab ‘Protection’ from the left sidebar to proceed. After that, click the ‘Open’ button located on the tile titled ‘Antivirus’.

Then, go to the tab ‘Advanced’ and select the toggle switch next to”Bitdefender Shield” button to disable it.

A Screen for User Account Control will be displayed in your browser. Log in with admin credentials if you haven’t logged in using one. If not, click the “Yes” button to continue.

Select the time that you want to deactivate the antivirus in order to temporarily disable it. Then, click the OK option to verify.

To turn off permanently Bitdefender for your computer choose the option ‘Permanently’ from the dropdown menu and press the OK option to verify.

On the screen titled ‘Protection Click the ‘Open’ button in the Advanced Threat Defense tile to proceed.

Then, go to the tab ‘Settings’ and then click the toggle switch next to the Advanced Thread Defense option to disable it. After that, go back to the screen titled ‘Protection.

Then, click on the toggles to turn off ‘vulnerability “Ransomware Remediation’, ‘Firewall’ and ‘Antispam’ to switch them off.

It’s that simple. You’ve successfully disabled Bitdefender on your PC.

Bitdefender will start automatically after the time period that you have set has expired. But, you’ll have to enable ‘Advanced Threat Defence ‘Firewall “Vulnerability”, ‘Ransomware Remediation’ and ‘Antispam’ manually. If you decide to disable it permanently then you’ll have to go to the Protection screen , and activate it once more.