How to Create and Use Sticky Notes in Windows 11

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How to Create and Use Sticky Notes in Windows 11

It’s the small things that we don’t notice in the midst of our lives. When you have Sticky Notes, it’s hardly an excuse to not remember things anymore!

The Sticky Notes can be described as digital Post-its which can be used to make short notes. Instead of a physical book of sticky paper leaves, the application can be used to keep notes and reminders “things to do”, every little bit of information that is important.

It is possible to have as many sticky notes as you want and extend a single note to an extent. Notes that are sticky Notes can be extremely useful to help you organize your work and also to bring all your ideas and thoughts together all in one spot.

How to Open Sticky Notes in Windows 11

Start Windows Search by clicking the Search button on the taskbar. Type “Sticky Notes” in the bar for searching. After that, click on the app’s name in the search results or click “Open” on the right side of the results to open Sticky Notes. Sticky Notes app.

A rectangular, vertical Sticky Notes window will open. The Window can move across the screen to the best location by moving the top of the container. Moving the box towards the top the Windows screen will turn the box into an entire screen Sticky Notes display if you are using snap layouts within Windows 11.

How to Create Sticky Notes on Windows 11

To create an Sticky Note in Windows 11 start the application then click the “+” icon in the upper-left corner of the window of the app (above that the Sticky Notes title).

When you click the “+” button on the window for sticky notes, a smaller colored sticky note that appears similar to the shape of a Post-It leaf will appear right next to it in the Sticky Notes window. It’s where you write your note. In the lower part of the note’s box , you’ll find an array of tools (Bold Italic, Bold, Underline Strikethrough, Toggle Bullet points, as well as Add Image) which you can utilize to alter the information you’ve included to your sticky note.

The details that are added to the sticky note, along with the note’s color code will be visible on windows in the primary Sticky Notes app windows as well.

Adding Images in Sticky Notes

From the lower row of tools in the notebox, click on the last tool, which is the one with two mountains. This is the option to add an Image’ option.

Now you can select the image you wish to include in your note from your computer. Select the image , and then select “Open”.

The image you have selected will be displayed in your notebook. You can shrink, expand and alter the size of the image as well as the contents of the note by altering the overall dimensions of the notebox the note box itself.

If you’ve reduced the text to around three words, then the image won’t be visible. However, you can see it by clicking the button ‘View Images.

If you insert more than one image to one note they’ll appear as a group. Double-clicking on an image will reveal it in the note. To view the image correctly, right-click the image you wish to see and choose the option to ‘View Image in the pop-up menu.

You may also download the picture to your computer or delete it from the notes within the pop-up menu.

Changing Sticky Notes Color

To alter the hue of your note, you must first select the three dots “Menu” button located at the top-right corner of the note box.

Seven colors will be displayed in the upper part on the menu. Select the color you’d like to switch your notes to then it’ll change instantly!

Changing Sticky Notes Theme/Color to Light or Dark Mode

The colors of the sticky note application’s main page can also be altered however, only between the Dark and Light themes, and not in the Windows default settings. To do this, start by selecting the “Settings” option or the Gear icon that is located in the upper right-hand corner of the note list.

Within the Sticky Notes settings, there’s an option called “Colour”. There, you can select the colour or theme you’d like to see the Sticky Notes in.

Opening Multiple Sticky Notes

In the upper left corner of the note box is another button that says “+” (it’s identical to the button that has the same purpose as notepads that are sticky). Press the button and you’ll be able to access a new note immediately. When you click this button the notebox will be opened, and it is added to the list of Sticky Notes app main page as well.

The notes box that you write in will be illuminated with features, while the other box(es) are without those features, however, the content written in it will be in its entirety, visible and easily accessible. You can alter the hue of each note.

Deleting a Sticky Note

There are two methods to erase sticky notes. You can delete directly a note you’re removing in the present moment, or select the note you want to erase in the notes list available on the primary Sticky Notes page. We’ll explore the latter first.

Select the note you wish to erase out of the Sticky Notes and place the cursor over the note. It will display a three-dotted menu button in the upper right corner of the note’s surface. Click it. Two options will be displayed within the menu. Select the Delete Note option to erase the note you have selected.

You will get an email with a confirmation message. Click Delete to complete the deletion process for your selected note. If you do not want to be prompted again then click the checkbox in the middle of ‘Don’t ask me again’. You will no longer be able to see the prompt, and your notes will be deleted immediately.

If you’re in the middle of making a note and then you realize the redundant nature of the note, you can immediately delete the note from the sticky note as well.

Select the menu button (three-dots) in the upper-right edge of your note.

Click on the option to delete note beneath the notepad colors, and then click on the ‘Notes List Label.

If you receive an alert to confirm to delete the note, simply click Delete to erase the note permanently.

If you have ticked the ‘Don’t ask me to repeat it again checkbox in the confirmation box to erase sticky notes, and you wish to enable the delete confirmation box, go to your Sticky Notes settings band under the General section Click to toggle the bar next to “Confirm before deleting” to turn it back on.

You will continue to receive confirmation messages while you delete notes right now.

Opening and Closing Sticky Notes on Windows 11

A single click won’t bring up a note in Sticky Notes. Double-click it, or select the menu button (three-dotted horizontal lines) and choose “Open Note” in the menu that pops up.

The same Open Note option is changed into a ‘Close Note’ once the note you are opening is selected. This means you can close multiple notes by using your Sticky Notes box itself without needing to go to each note individually to close each one.

Opening Notes List of an A-Z Note

If you’ve shut down the notes list but left only the Post-it note page that is on your screen. You’ll need to go to your Notes List or the Sticky Notes box or main page immediately. You don’t need to go into the taskbar. You can access Notes List from the taskbar. Notes List from the notes box that you’re using! Here’s how.

Select the menu button in the upper right-hand corner of the note box.

Choose ‘Notes List’ in the drop-down menu.

You’ll be able to have your Notes List by your side within a matter of seconds.

How to Sync Sticky Notes to Cloud on Windows 11

Select the gear symbol “Settings” in the Sticky Notes List.

The first part of the Sticky Notes ‘Settings’ box is specifically dedicated to sync Sticky Notes to your cloud. Click the ‘Sign in button to aid in syncing.

A sign-in box will pop up. Select the account you want to connect to Sticky Notes and click ‘Continue’.

You’ll now be logged into Sticky Notes with the chosen Microsoft account.

You can sign out by clicking the ‘Sign Out option under the user Profile area in the Sticky Notes settings.