How to Close Laptop and Still Use Monitor on Windows 11

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How to Close Laptop and Still Use Monitor on Windows 11

Laptop goes to sleep each when you shut the lid while connecting to an external display? You can change what you do when you close the lid and you can enjoy the larger screen without any hassle.

There is nothing like the ease and portability of laptops. If you want to utilize an external monitor for work or you want to watch certain content on a display larger that your laptop time to time, you may want attach it to an external display.

The issue lies in the fact that since you’ll have an external monitor you’ll probably want to shut the lid of your laptop. By the default Windows will shut down your computer when you close the lid. A laptop that is open at your desk being linked to an external monitor isn’t the ideal situation, and certainly not it’s a pleasant experience.

Fortunately, you don’t need to live with this petty situation. You can shut the lid of your laptop without sending it to sleep or affecting the way it functions. Therefore, without further delay we’ll get to this.

Change the Closing Lid does by using the Control Panel

You can change the way your device when it senses that the lid is shut. Additionally, you can choose to sleep only when the device is connected or powered by batteries, to make it a perfect fit for your needs.

To open it, go to your Start Menu and enter Control. After that, from the search results select the Control Panel Tile to open it.

After that, click on the Power Options’ tile on the grid. Click to proceed.

Then, on the screen titled ‘Power Options Click on the ‘Choose what closing your lid does’ button in the upper right corner in the screen.

Then, look for the “When I shut the lid’ choice, and select the drop-down menu that follows the choice. After that, choose the option ‘Do nothing’ from the menu.

Click on the drop-down menu that is located under the ‘Plugged In column. Click to select the ‘Do nothing’ option in case you want to keep your PC running even when it is connected.

Then, click the button ‘Save changes’ located in the bottom of the window. This will apply the changes right away.

It is now possible to close the laptop’s lid when it is connected to an external monitor , and enjoy it without the worries about your computer being able to sleep or go into hibernation.