How to Change Desktop Icon Font Color in Windows 10

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How to Change Desktop Icon Font Color in Windows 10

Desktop Icon Font Color is among the most important factors for any user that hasn’t been considered enough within Windows 10. Its default color for fonts is white, and there isn’t a simple setting to alter it.

The requirement to alter the color of your font occurs when you alter the wallpaper background and the text suddenly isn’t clear no longer. In certain situations, Windows automatically adjusts the font’s color to make it more easily read. If you’re an individual who enjoys playing with these things There are a number options to alter the color of the desktop icon.

Changing Desktop Icon Font Color in Advanced System Settings

You can alter the font color of your desktop icons from black to white in the Advanced System Settings section..

To alter the color, right-click the icon ‘This PC’ on the desktop, and select Properties in the contextual menu.

It is the System Settings window is set to appear by default. It will open with the tab ‘About’ that appears on the screen by default. At the top on the screen, you’ll see ‘Advanced System Settings under the the heading ‘Related settings. Select the Advanced system settings’ tab to alter the color of the font on icons on the desktop.

The window ‘System Properties’ is displayed and you will be on the Advanced option by default. Then, click the icon ‘Settings’ under performance to alter the visual effects and memory usage, among other options.

If you want to alter the color of the font, click the tab ‘Visual Effects’ then uncheck the checkbox prior to “Use drop shadows to create icons on the desktop The final option. After you’ve made the adjustments, click “OK” at the end.

Once more, click ‘OK on the properties of the system window to finish the change and then apply them on the computer.

Close or minimize the settings window in order to switch onto the desktop. You’ll be able to see that the Desktop icon’s font color has changed from black to white.

If, at any point, you’d like to go back to your default colors, simply mark the checkbox was unchecked previously.

Changing Desktop Icon Font Color by Switching to High Contrast

Another method to alter the color of the desktop icon is to switch to a high contrast display. This will change the background of the desktop to white, and Windows automatically adjusts the font color to black.

To alter the contrast settings To change the contrast settings, use Windows + I to open the system settings, and then choose the option ‘Ease of Access’. the choices.

There are now a variety of tabs to the left of various headings. As we’re here to change to high contrast settings, select ‘High contrast’ in the heading ‘Vision.

Then, click the switch under ‘Use high contrast to enable high contrast.

Then, click the box to see the other options for high contrast. In the drop-down menu you’ll see four options. Select the final one, i.e., High Contrast White.

When Windows change to “High Contrast White”, the background will change to white across the entire system.

Then, go to the desktop, and you’ll notice that the icon font for desktop colour has been changed from black The background color has changed to white.

The desktop icon font color isn’t only appealing, but is also a necessity often. So each Windows user should be aware of how to change the color. Reverting back to default colors is easy and easy, and none of the changes that you make have the ability to damage your computer.

There are third-party applications which perform the same task however their source is not verified and they could the infection of viruses and malware. So, you should you should use these apps at your own risk after a thorough investigation.