How to Block Adult Websites in Windows 10

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How to Block Adult Websites in Windows 10

The growing access and popularity of Internet is a source of anxiety for many. One of the main reason for this is websites that are deemed to be adult sites.

The majority of users do not wish for their children or any other members of the family to visit these sites due to the negative impact they can have. Windows 10 offers the feature to block adult-oriented websites and makes sure that you are able to use the Internet. It is possible to stop as many sites as you like and it’s easy to do this.

Blocking Adult Websites

To stop adult sites from being displayed on your computer, go to settings. Click on the Windows icon to the left side of the Taskbar and then choose ‘Settings’.

In the Settings tab, select ‘Accounts’.

In the next window you will see a link ‘Family and other users’ to the left.

Click on “Add a family member” to make their account.

Enter the email address of the person you’re adding to a list of family members, and then click ‘Next’.

Click ‘Member’ on the next page, and click’Invite’ at the end.

An invitation will be sent out to your Email ID you entered. If you wish to accept this invitation, sign in to Microsoft using the Email ID you used earlier and click Next..

The new window will now open. In the new tab, you can click “Join Now”.

Accept the invitation to log out of the account. Open the ‘Family’ and other user’s settings, and then click “Manage family settings online”.

The Microsoft account will be accessible in your default web browser. In the account of the new member select ‘More Options and then choose ‘Content restrictions’.

On/off toggle under the heading “Web browsing.

Now, you can enter your URL for the site you wish to block in the section ‘Always blocked.

Below is two websites that are blocked. You can enter the URLs of adult websites that you wish to stop. After entering the URL, hit enter for the website to be added site to the list.

You’ve now been able to block adult sites with the account you created. When you sign-in using your new username, you will not be able to access the blocked site. If you wish to restrict websites to your children then you can create an account as a member user to them, as we have done earlier. Whenever they log in to it they will not be able to access the blocked website as it is controlled from the admin.