How to Use Visual Effects for Google Meet

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How to Use Visual Effects for Google Meet

Google Meet doesn’t support background customizing on its own, however, you can use the Chrome extension to create an image as a background for your video conferences.

Backgrounds and virtual effects are extremely popular at present in the video conferencing industry. Numerous popular applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom offer users the option to alter or blur the background however, Google has refrained from joining in on the trend with Google Meet.

Given the awe this feature has received from the general public and the fact that it is a good thing; it can be a role of a hero in many difficult situations that arise in a remote work environment, it’s a little odd that Google hasn’t decided to make it available on their platform. However, this doesn’t mean Google Meet users have no chance. Like many times before the extension has responded to the need.

Utilizing the ‘Visual Effects for Google Meet’ Chrome Extension that you can enjoy a blurred backgrounds, virtual backgrounds as well as other exciting visual effects with Google Meet. Visit the Chrome Web Store in a browser that is compatible with extensions available from the Chrome Web Store, and look up ‘Visual Effects for Google Meet’ or click on the link below to swiftly get to the store.

Get Visual Effects Chrome Extension

Click the ‘Add to Chrome Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to add the extension to your browser.

A confirmation dialog box will appear onto the screen. Click’Add extension’ for confirmation of the extension. The extension icon will show in your browser’s address bar that will be active when you launch Google Meet.

Using Visual Effects for Google Meet

Go to and join or create a new meeting like you normally. When you arrive at the Meeting ready page, if the message “Plugins are being installed” appears on the screen that shows the meeting’s preview then wait for it to disappear and then click “Join Now” after it disappears. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

When you have entered the meeting The extension toolbar will be displayed on the left-hand right side. When it is collapsed, it appears empty.

Click to expand the toolbar. You can select from a variety of options such as the AI effects, including background Blur, Virtual Green screen and the recently added Sunglasses AR, or other exciting 3D and 2D effects.

NOTE: The extension toolbar may not show up when your camera is turned off. When you turn it on, it will begin the extension.

The process of applying any effect is easy, simply check the effect you wish to apply. However, using the virtual background requires an additional step. The first step is to upload a background image on your personal computer. Click on the ‘Upload Background’ button to choose the image you have downloaded from your PC.

Check the box that says “Green Screen” effect to use the effect as a background. Select the default option if you’ve got an actual green screen or ‘Virtual’ in case you do not.

However, most times when you select an entirely new effect it will be able to take over the previous effect to provide a more smooth experience, you should deactivate the filter you previously used when changing to a different one.

In all honesty, Google extensions always adorned the positive section of the list of pros and cons of Google Meet and tipped the scales in its favor numerous times. This is another example of those times. Install the extension if you want to utilize the blurred or virtual background effect to avoid the embarrassments that come with a messy background or simply looking to have some fun with your friends using other effects.