How to Use Google Meet without Google Account

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How to Use Google Meet without Google Account

Non-account users are unable to be a part of Google Meet that was created by a Google Meet created by a G Suite user

Google Meet can be described as the video-conferencing application by Google that was available only for G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Education users. Then , the pandemic hit and Google offered the service for free to everyone, so anyone with an Google account was able to join a meeting using Google Meet.

They’ve now stepped up the free service to allow you to host or start meetings without having the need for a G Suite account. Anyone who has an Google account is now able to use Google Meet to create meetings. Although the features available are less robust from what premium users can enjoy however that’s not an issue, as everybody uses it.

Every sentence above refers to either G Suite or a Google account. You must be thinking right the moment, “what about people without either?” Users who do not have an account with a Google account are able to use Google Meet but there are certain conditions to be met.

Prerequisites for Users who do not have a Google Account

The first thing to note is that people who do not have Google accounts can only be a part of an already existing event that is hosted on Google Meet and not create one. The meeting must be set up by an G Suite user, not an unpaid user. If you attempt to join a meeting that was created by a user who is free and does not have having an account with G Suite, the meeting will take users to login pages.

The second reason is that you can’t join an Google Meet meeting without an account using the mobile application. You must use the web application.

Short takeaway

  • If you are a G Suite user creates a Google Meet, anyone is able to join the meeting regardless of whether they have having a Google account.
  • You are able to use the website on a PC for joining a meeting without having a Google account. It is not possible to join meetings using the mobile application.

How do I join Google Meet Google Meet without Google Account (as as a guest)

The procedure is actually very simple. It is possible to join the meeting using the help of a Meet code or by clicking on a link. For joining the event using the code, visit and enter the code into the text box and then click the Join button. The code for the meeting would be an alphabetic string (typically 10, typically). You may use them without hyphens, or by placing them exactly in the order you received it.

A sample of an Google Meet code: hap-zzak-bdk

If you have received the link to the meeting click it, or copy/paste straight into the address field of your browser to join the meeting.

What a Google Meet link looks like:

Google Meet will then ask for your name so that attendees can identify who is interested in joining the group. Name your self so that you’re immediately recognized. Of of course, if there needs to be a mutual understanding between the host of the meeting and you to ensure that they recognize you by names such as Pocahontas or Spongebob Squarepants, that’s up to you and them. However, in general, putting your full name is an ideal habit to follow.

Once you’ve entered your information After you’ve entered your name, click the “Ask to Join” button.

The host of the meeting will receive an email letting them know that you’d like to attend the meeting. If they accept you and you’re accepted, you’re in.

The majority of features users with users of the free Google account users use will be also available to you however Google states that complete encryption of the video chats will not be feasible. If it’s an occasional thing and security isn’t an issue for you then go ahead. If not, you can make an account on Google account. It’s free and simple.