How to Use Google Meet Plus Chrome Extension

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How to Use Google Meet Plus Chrome Extension

The extension will include with more options than the clowns in a car!

Google Meet is a great venue to host video-based meetings. All you require to begin the meeting is an account on Google account, which the majority of users already have. And in the event that you don’t, it just takes a few minutes to create one and you’re ready to start. It’s not even necessary to install a desktop application to take advantage of all the capabilities.

However, it is also lacking many features compared to its rivals. The feature that it runs on an internet browser rather than an app for desktops that is dedicated is another benefit. Third-party developers can create browser extensions that add support for the features that aren’t available by default. One extension that is essential to Google Meet users is the Google Meet Plus extension.

Google Meet Plus is essentially an array of features in one extension. It can transform your meetings into enjoyable and interactive meetings.

How to Install Google Meet Plus Extension

To download Google Meet Plus, go to the Chrome Web Store. Find it by searching for it, or you can go here to join the store. After that, click the “Add to Chrome click.

A confirmation message from Chrome will be displayed. Click on the ‘Add Extension’ for confirmation of the extension.

The icon for the extension will show in your browser’s address bar and is ready to be used during the subsequent Google Meet meeting. If you have installed the extension in a running meeting, you’ll need to refresh the page and then rejoin the meeting in order to utilize it.

Using Google Meet Plus Chrome Extension

Google Meet Plus Google Meet Plus extension has many features, with a majority of which are free and the rest you can purchase for an annual subscription. However, to utilize the extension to its fullest it is recommended that other participants at the meeting must also be able to use it since the majority of the functions of the extension require interaction with other attendees of the meeting, making these interactions enjoyable.

However, they will not be able to view any of these interactions without the extension being installed on their browser. You can now ask others to install it, but whether or not they will is entirely up to them.

If you’re the administrator of your organization You have the option to ensure that everyone is using the extension instead of asking for it to do so politely. G Suite admins can apply any extension on the other members’ accounts. Since it’s only G Suite admins can do this, it’s possible that if users are making use of Google Meet with a free account, this feature isn’t accessible to users with free accounts.

Google Meet Plus Basic features

After installing Google Meet Plus, once you have installed the Google Meet Plus extension, the toolbar extension will be visible within the meeting. Let’s begin with the fundamentals. It is possible to drag the toolbar and place it wherever you want in the meeting, even on the middle of the screen. Select the symbol that says “move pointer” on the right side of the toolbar. This will allow you to move the bar.

It is possible to reduce it to the meeting toolbar in order to remove it completely from the way. The button to minimize is located next to the move button which is the last icon to the right.

Click it to reduce the toolbar, and a second icon for GMP will appear on the toolbar for meetings. Click it to bring up the extension toolbar once more.

You can access all essential features of the extension at no cost and there are a lot of them!

Google Meet Plus Settings

This is among the features that GMP provides, i.e., it’s not just there to make your meetings more enjoyable, therefore it is worthy of its own spot in the list of features. This feature is at your own expense and, even if other person in the meeting is using GMP, if you have GMP extension, you will still take advantage of the feature. Select the icon ‘Setting’ on the toolbar to open the options for setting up GMP.

  • Standard Camera and Microphone settings By using these settings options, you can set your camera and microphone to turn off whenever you are in the meeting. Select the checkbox next to the ‘Microphone off upon entry and camera off upon entry’ options to activate it.
  • Setting Language You can alter the language used by the extension by clicking here. Select one of the languages available to switch to that language. At present, GMP supports English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Background Color: Change the background color of Google Meet by selecting a color from the “Pick a Background Color’ option.
  • “Push to Talk” You can click on the checkbox next to the word ‘Press or tap Space Bar to Talk’. you can press the space bar to turn off or mute your voice on Google Meet. Press and hold the button to unmute yourself and speak, and release the button to return you to muted.
  • Buzz an GMP user If you’re looking to draw another participant’s attention, who also has GMP installed, simply select their name, then click the “Buzz” button. Their entire screen will be vibrating intensely. It’s impossible to not attract their interest!
  • DND Mode Select ‘Do Not Disturb’, and you won’t receive any messages during the meeting.

Other Basic Features

In addition to the customizable settings feature, GMP offers a lot of other options that are designed to enhance your interaction.

  • Emoji reactions: GMP offers a variety of emojis you can use during meetings to show your feelings. Other GMP users can see the emojis. There is also an additional mode called Vanilla Mode, which allows you to send emojis with no accompanying text.
  • Messenger: GMP has an built-in messenger that allows you to privately send messages to individuals or a select group of people or broadcast your message to all participants. However, only the other GMP participants in the meeting are able to view your messages.
  • Mute/Unmute Meeting You can muffle or unmute the audio of the entire meeting by using the GMP Mute button. If someone else has turned off this meeting it also lets you ask the person who muted it to remove it.
  • meeting timer as the name implies it allows you to start the timer during meetings, and other GMP users will be able to view it. Ideal for conducting an exam or debate that is time-sensitive.
  • Users Status You can set your status using your extension’s toolbar. It has two predefined statuses: Active and Away as well as the ability to create an individual status. Others GMP participants present in the meeting receive an email whenever someone changes their status. This means that you can inform other attendees that you’ll leave the system , without disrupting the group. You can also view the status of other users by clicking the eye icon.
  • Link sharing Link Sharing: You can link-share any of your links or images, with other GMP users by using the link sharing feature in the course of a meeting.
  • Trivia/Quiz The feature allows participants to take part in a fun game with fellow GMP participants in the gathering. There are two modes available: Vanilla mode (plain test where you get points when you answer correctly) as well as the Bamboozling Trivia Mode (where you are required to trick other people with your incorrect answers, as well as the greater number of people who are fooled by your false answer and you earn points, the higher your score receive).

Furthermore, GMP free users can view all actions taken by the GMP Pro user, and this includes the Pro features as well. If an GMP Pro user starts a whiteboard session with GMP Pro in a meeting and everyone GMP users who are free can view the session.

Google Meet Plus Pro Features

GMP also provides the subscription-based plan for its Pro features, which costs $4.39/month for one license, and offers various plans that can hold more than 10 licences. GMP also provides a three-day trial for free when you purchase an annual subscription, so you can test all of the features before deciding if the plan is suitable for you. There’s a myriad of options that make paying for the subscription worth it.

  • Collaboration Whiteboard It allows you to start the whiteboard during the meeting and collaborate with others GMP Pro users in the meeting in real-time. Although GMP free users can view the whiteboard in real time but they are unable to sketch or work on the whiteboard. You can save drawings as images if would like to.
  • Instant polls The ability to create Instant polls and then conduct them along with others in the meeting. The poll could even be conducted anonymously, and you can save the results, download them, import them or simply look at the results.
  • customized quizzes: If you’re an GMP Pro user, along with the quizzes for free that you can run using GMP free you can also create and run your own tests in real-time together with others GMP users. The results are public or accessible to all present either anonymously or with names. They can be stored on your computer to ensure that they’re accessible following the event. This is a great tool for teachers.
  • sticky notes When you are in the course of a meeting, you are able to notate important details in sticky notepads. Notes are saved automatically on your computer, and you can give them to others in the meeting.
  • Personalized Avatar: Google Meet displays the same image that you have on your Google account but there’s no option to alter it only to use Google Meet – except if you’re an GMP Pro user. You can alter the appearance of your Google Meet avatar with any photo you like. You can even create animated images. What a cool idea!
  • Motivational Quotes A motivational quote will be delivered automatically to you each time you attend the meeting. you can then share with others who are in the room. You may even use multiple quotes during the meeting. Keep everyone on track!
  • share YouTube videos and react It is possible to share the YouTube movie in live-time, by copying the URL, i.e., no need to share your screen either. You can watch the video simultaneously with your friends, and you can also make use of a variety of audios and videos to respond to what you’re viewing.
  • Bravo Badges & Fireworks If you think someone in the meeting did an outstanding job? Let them know using these Bravo badges as well as fireworks to increase their motivation to keep up the good work!

There are many extensions available for Google Meet, but none which offers this wide range of options. If you regularly hold meetings using Google Meet and are looking for ways to improve your meeting experience, then you must test it.