How to Use ‘Filters for Google Meet’ Extension in Chrome

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How to Use 'Filters for Google Meet' Extension in Chrome

The easiest method to utilize filters is to use Google Meet

Google Meet is a groovy application that allows video meetings to be held on. It’s available at no cost with just a Google account and is secure. You don’t need to install any additional software. All you require is your internet browser. It’s no wonder that it’s becoming so popular to host video conferences particularly in nowadays.

However, with all the great features, there is also a harsh reality. It’s still lagging behind its rivals in terms of the features it offers and still has some getting caught up. There is no built-in support for virtual backgrounds, however, it’s in the works at present. However, thanks to Zoom users, they are having major FOMO issues in a different area, namely video filters.

The Snapchat generation that is obsessed with the face filter. We’re sure to want to use them in video conferences too. I’m not judging the need for a great filter for myself. However, the reality is that Google Meet doesn’t have the feature. Does that mean you aren’t able to use filters in meetings in Google Meet, and the only option is to switch to an alternative app that has the feature? Absolutely not! One of the greatest benefits that comes with making use of Google Meet is all the Chrome extensions available, and there’s one that can be used in this case too.

Install Filters for Google Meet Extension

filters for Google Meet is a Chrome extension that you must install in order to utilize filters when you are using video meetings using Google Meet. Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for “Filters for Google Meet’. Click on the link below to zoom in on that (pun meant).

Get Filters for Google Meet

When you are at the “Filters for Google Meet” list in the Chrome Web Store Click on the “Add to Chrome button to add it into your browser.

A confirmation message will be displayed. Click the ‘Add extension button to confirm.

Using Filters for Google Meet

After you’ve installed the extension you’ll be able to use with Google Meet. There is no additional configuration required. The extension will display an easy toolbar to the Google Meet screen that will allow you to select the filters you wish to apply. The toolbar will appear only during a meeting in which you have your video playing.

The toolbar for filters will be visible in the upper left edge of your screen. To apply filters, simply click the button ‘Filters’ to view all filters available.

Choose the filter you want applying from options available Then click the button ‘Close’ to close the toolbar for filters, and then return to the screen for meeting.

The filter you select will be applied to your video. all attendees will only be able to view the video stream that has been filtered.

With filters for the Google Meet extension for Chrome Applying a filter to live video meetings using Google Meet is a piece of cake. You can select one of 12 filter options that are available to you for free.