How to Turn Down Google Meet Volume

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How to Turn Down Google Meet Volume

A tactic to control the audio of Google Meet

Google Meet has made it easier to the process of secure videoconferencing to companies as well as educational institutions with its robust security features. But, Google Meet being a web-based video conferencing application, it is missing certain capabilities which Zoom as well as Microsoft Teams easily offer, for example, the inability to regulate the volume of meetings.

Google Meet doesn’t have an audio control function, whereas video conferencing is not supported. This creates a problem for users to use since in order to change the volume down or up the volume of the entire system must be adjusted, instead of only that in Google Meet.

Finding a solution to the Audio issue on Google Meet

An effective method to help users manage to control the Google Meet volume is the Volume Controller Chrome extension. It lets you adjust the volume on a per-tab basis, which makes it simple to decrease or raise the volume on the Chrome tab in which you’re Google Meet meeting is happening.

After you have opened the Chrome Webstore page to purchase this extension, simply click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to install the extension.

After you have installed the extension in Chrome Start or join Google Meet. Google Meet. When you are ready to lower the volume of the event, click the icon ‘Extensions’ (shaped like a jigsaw piece) right next to the address bar. The list of extensions that are installed within your browser will be displayed Click on the ‘Volume Controller extension to open it.

A volume Controller interface will be displayed in the display. The volume cursor will be prominently displayed, along with the list of Chrome tabs that play audio. Select Google Meet. Click on the Google Meet tab and adjust the volume by moving the cursor.

You can now turn down the volume on Google Meet Conferences, as well as other sites within Chrome that don’t have the ability to control volume, without any difficulty.