How to Save and Find Saved Items on LinkedIn

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How to Save and Find Saved Items on LinkedIn

Here’s how to save your items on LinkedIn and get back to these items!

LinkedIn can be described as a social network platform that is designed intended for professionals. It’s a platform to search for, recruit, and showcase talents. Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn too has lots of scrolling, reading, as well as engaging in posts, that are all related to related to work.

Simply because LinkedIn is a social network for business doesn’t mean that you won’t come across posts you’d like to save for later reference or just because of their motivational or feel-good reasons! If you find an article or job would be nice to keep, what should you do? Where can you locate all the saved items?

This guide will answer all of your questions!

Saving Posts on LinkedIn

If you come across an article you wish to save to LinkedIn Click the ellipsis symbol (three vertical dots) in the upper right-hand corner of the post. Choose Save in the contextual menu.

In the event that you save a post through error or you want to un-save it quickly, simply select the same ellipsis symbol on the same page. Choose ‘Unsave’ which is now replacing Save within the options menu.

Saving Posts on LinkedIn Mobile App

The process to save posts is similar for LinkedIn and mobile apps but with some minor adjustments. In the mobile app you can tap the ellipsis symbol (three horizontal dots) in the upper right corner of the post you would like to save.

Then, click the Save option on the menu that is coming up in the lower part on the display.

To instantly undo the item, simply tap the icon with the ellipsis and choose Unsave in the contextual menu.

Where to Find Saved Items on LinkedIn?

Three ways that you can locate the saved content on LinkedIn. The first is via the homepage, another is through the ‘Resources’ tab and the third is via the button ‘Jobs. The triple layout is not available for the mobile app. Only way you can access access your saved items in LinkedIn’s mobile app LinkedIn application for mobile is via Resources.

Method 1. Click on the My Items button to access your LinkedIn homepage

The fastest way to access save your saved items is through the LinkedIn homepage. Be sure to be at the top of your page. To access it, select on the LinkedIn symbol or click the Home button in the menu.

When you’re on your home screen, scroll to the left and you’ll see an open vertical box that contains some of the information from your profile. Find the option ‘My Items’ beneath these details, and then click it to be taken directly into your stored items.

Method 2: Go to Resources in the LinkedIn profile page

You can access your “Resources by two methods. Both of these will take you directly to the LinkedIn profile. This is the section ‘Resources’ is located. Two ways are available to access your LinkedIn profile: via the homepage or your profile button (the “Me” button).

To access your profile on the homepage, just click your name below your profile image on the left side of your screen. Or click your profile picture.

To access your profile by clicking the profile button Click the drop-down menu ‘Me’ to the right of the ribbon of the page. Then, click the “View” Profile button within the menu dropdown box.

When you are at your personal page, you can scroll down a small amount to locate the section titled ‘Resources. Click the ‘View all Resources’ link at the bottom of the list of visible resources.

Find and click on the My items option within the menu ‘Resources’ to access your stored items.

Method 3. Open your saved Jobs’

This way you can directly access all the jobs you have saved. However, you’ll be able to access the items you have saved (apart of jobs) and more. Click on the “Jobs” button on the right side on the LinkedIn web page’s ribbon.

Select the My Jobs option on the menu on right of your screen.

You are now able to access both your saved jobs as well as saved posts by clicking on the My Items box located at the top left on the display. Click the button you wish to open. The result page is the culmination of the various methods mentioned above.

Where to Find Saved Posts on Linked Mobile App?

There’s only one simple method to locate saved posts in LinkedIn. LinkedIn mobile app: via Resources. To search for your saved posts in the app, you must first click your profile icon in the upper right corner. It’s located just to the left of the bar that says ‘Search’.

Choose ‘View Profile’ from on the right, just below the name of your profile.

Browse through your profile to locate the ‘Resources’ section. Click the ‘See More Resources to access more resources’ button within this section.

Click the ‘My Items’ option from the list of available resources.

You are now able to view the items you have saved. The saved items are split into saved posts and jobs. Select the appropriate option to navigate to the desired space.

It’s all about saving content and getting saved content onto the LinkedIn profile. We hope that you find our guide helpful!