How to Record Zoom Meeting on Chromebook

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How to Record Zoom Meeting on Chromebook

Only those with a valid or educational Zoom account are able to record their meetings using a Chromebook

Chromebooks are widely used in schools to facilitate teaching in traditional classrooms to teach. However, they’ve been more crucial than ever before this year, since teaching has shifted to remote environments.

Teachers and schools use their Chromebooks together with Zoom meetings to remote instruct their students. However, when using Chromebooks it is important to be aware that they differ in comparison to Windows computers and Mac systems. The same goes for the Zoom application when running it on ChromeOS. One thing Chromebook Zoom users will find distinct when compared to PC and Mac can be the ability to record option within Zoom Meeting. Zoom Meeting.

What makes Zoom Recording in a Chromebook different?

A lot of users, particularly those who have a free account who have used Zoom on a different device prior to using a Chromebook or witnessed another PC or Mac user using the feature on their own, are confused as to why users have the “Record” button during the Zoom meeting or how they can save the meeting locally. All valid questions.

When your using Zoom on either a PC or Mac It isn’t a matter of whether you’re using a paid or free account. a paid account, you’ll have the option of recording the meeting. Of course, the choices will differ. However, it will be available.

If you have a free account, you can record meetings only locally on your personal computer. If you have a paid account you can record the meeting locally and also on using the Zoom cloud. And each time you want for recording the event, you’ll have the option of choosing between both.

However, when it comes to recording meetings using the Chromebook it is not possible to save meetings locally from your computer. This has two implications. For one, those with an unpaid Zoom account do not have the option of recording the event in any way. Additionally, those who have paid accounts are limited to the option of only the cloud recording.

How to Record a Zoom Meeting On Chromebook

Apart from that, recording the Zoom meeting using Chromebook is a lot like to recording a PC and Mac. If you have a paid or educational account, open the toolbar for meetings in the meeting, and then click the Record button.

The meeting will begin recording itself and automatically transfer in the cloud. It won’t provide any choices for the location to record since there is no options available.

You can pause or end your recording any point. Visit the toolbar for meetings and then click the ‘Pause/Stop’ button.

After the meeting has ended and you are able to access the recording of the meeting from Zoom’s Zoom Web portal. Visit and log into the details of your Zoom account. From the menu navigation on left, click the section titled “Recordings” under Personal.

Click on “Cloud Recordings” and you’ll be able to find the recorded.

You can either share the recording via a link or download it onto your Chromebook. It’s likely that downloading recordings to the Chromebook isn’t a problem but you can’t make it available on your device.

To download the file onto your device, click on the ‘More’ tab and then select “Download” from the choices which appear.

If using Zoom using Chromebooks users must be aware of certain functions that they do not have access to, which can be found for users on PC and Mac. However, the majority of the functions are the same and it’s not difficult or different to use either.