How to Mirror on Google Meet

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How to Mirror on Google Meet

Here’s how to mirror, or better yet, remove the mirroring of your video on Google Meet

The current global economic crisis has forced us to utilize video conferencing applications for everything from meetings in the office to classes. In fact, Google Meet is one of the most well-known options out available for this purpose particularly for the majority of schools already making use of G Suite for Education. Now, with Google making Meet accessible to everyone and its popularity has increased to a higher level.

Teachers have relied upon Google Meet to keep the education of their students current. However, it’s not been an easy task for teachers to adjust this even if the place includes one like the Jurassic Park. Let’s face it, students (a majority of them) haven’t been helping their teachers, either. There’s always something to be concerned about. One of the most pressing issues teachers have is mirroring.

Utilizing a textbook, board or even a piece of paper to work through a challenging idea is not new. However, using it with the video conference application can make things more difficult. The image that you are seeing on the screen mirror-like. It’s normal to be concerned that your students see the image as mirrors too and aren’t able to read it. Let’s go through the saga and determine what we can do in this scenario.

Don’t worry! Participants are viewing the right image or video.

You read that right. There is no need to take action in this situation. Although you may can see the mirror image on your end, those around you are able to see the image or at least the video in the correct way.

If you’re using an document camera or a regular webcam to share a book, document, or even a board for your pupils, you have no reason to be worried. Google Meet does mirror your video but there isn’t a setting that can reverse the mirroring. However, the mirroring you see happens at your end and your students will view the video exactly as you intended.

How to Stop Mirroring on Google Meet

Although the mirroring happens only yours to do and your meeting attendees are able to view the video or image properly, you can stop this confusion if you wish. VideoMirror is an Chrome application that mirrors the screen of your computer. Mirror a mirror screen and then you’re back to normal!

Visit the Chrome store on the internet then search the “VideoMirror’ extension. Click on the button below to go there.

Get Videomirror

Click the ‘Add to Chrome Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button for the installation of this extension.

An confirmation message box will be displayed in the display. Click the ‘Add extension’ button to download it.

It will be displayed to the right side of the address bar along with other extensions.

For mirroring your videos while you are in the conference, simply click the icon for extension. The extension will mirror your screen however, since Google Meet already mirrors the screen, the extension will return it to its normal location.

The extension will affect only your screen, and not your actual movie. Therefore, it will not have any impact on what others will see, i.e., they will be able to view your video with no mirroring, as you would like them to.

Utilize ‘Present Now’ within Google Meet for a better experience

If you’re using a camera for document sharing to share your book or other document with your class There’s a different way to enjoy a better experience. You can also opt to display your screen.

Let’s take an example of IPEVO’s IPEVO document camera. If you own the IPEVO document camera all you have to install is IPEVO Visualiser software. IPEVO Visualiser program on your computer.

After connecting to your IPEVO Document camera to the computer, launch the IPEVO Visualiser application and adjust the camera’s angle. Go on and start or join the meeting.

The thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t to use your camera for documenting as the primary camera in Google Meet if you don’t need screen mirroring on your end. Instead, you should use your webcam built-in as the camera within Google Meet for video.

After that, click the ‘Present Now’ icon on the toolbar for meetings and choose ‘Window’ from the menu. Once the dialog box is opened choose IPEVO Visualiser from the choices and then click on the ‘Share the Meeting’ button.

The document you wish to give to your classmates will be accessible to them. The image will not be replicated on their side and neither will yours. It is possible to do the same using any other camera, and the accompanying software.

Mirroring your screen on Google Meet can be really complicated, particularly when you consider the fact that a lot users are still new to the virtual space. The reality the fact that Google Meet does not have an internal setting for mirroring your screen makes things more difficult. We hope this guide will simplify the process for you, so that you are able to focus your attention on the idea you’re teaching.