How to Get a Branded Office Background with Your Company Logo for Zoom Meetings

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How to Get a Branded Office Background with Your Company Logo for Zoom Meetings

Make a professional impression in Zoom Meetings.

The capability to create an online background for Zoom Meetings is one of the most notable aspects of the software. Zoom provides a wide selection of backgrounds that are built-in and even lets users to create a custom background that you like and for no cost.

You can make use of the feature of customizing background to appear professional in Zoom Meetings by putting your the office layout and logo on the wall . This can be used as a the background of Zoom Meetings, even if you’re working at your home.

The picture above was created by using the services of Virtual Office. You can also get the same background to use for Zoom Meetings to your business as well.

When it first launched, Virtual Office was a free service. However, since the team is creating by hand an online background that includes an image of an office as well as an image of the company logo on the wall The overwhelming response has likely forced them to cost $6.99 for each customized office background that you request through their website in the future.

That said, go to to request a custom virtual office background for your company. Complete the form with your name and Company Name, as well as your Email Office Style and, most importantly, upload your logo for your business in an image that is high-resolution and transparent.

Click”Create” and then make the payment, and within a short time , your personalized background will be sent to your email.

We asked for an online background for ‘” via Virtual Office and it took over 24 hours to complete the delivery Please be patient when placing your order.

After you have received your customized background using Virtual Office, set it as your background virtual for Zoom Meetings from the Zoom application.

Start the Zoom Meetings application on your PC, then select the ‘Settings’ gear icon in the upper-right edge of your screen.

Choose the option ‘Virtual Background’ on the left side of the zoom settings dialog.

On the next screen you can click the ‘+’ icon, and then select “Add Image” from the options available to upload your customized background.

Choose and upload the customized background that you downloaded via Virtual Office, and then make it your virtual background.

In each Zoom Meeting, your background will be customized to match your personal virtual office configuration.