How to Freeze your Screen/Camera on Google Meet

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How to Freeze your Screen/Camera on Google Meet

Freeze your screen so that you can perform whatever you like in the background!

Are you looking to trick people into freezing your screen during Google Meet video meetings and create the impression that it’s a problem with the network, but it’s really you? Perhaps you’re required to walk away, or take a break for a while and don’t want the others in the meeting to be aware? Then freezing your screen can do this! No one will believe that it was you unless you inform them that, of course. In the end, nobody is in control of the internet connections of their friends.

All you require to freeze the screen of Google Meet is a simple Chrome extension. Visit the Chrome web store and look up ‘Visual Effects to Google Meet’. You can also visit this. Click on the Add to Chrome’ button to enable the extension in your browser.

An confirmation dialogue box should pop up. Click the ‘Add Extension Click Here.

The extension is available for use in your next Google Meet meetings. If you’re already at the meeting, refresh the page in order to get the extension to work. You’ll need to join the meeting following. However, the extension will begin working.

The Visual Effects for Google Meet extension comes with a variety of exciting features, including green screens and inverse, pixelate and more. One of them is the freeze effect.

The extension toolbar will be visible to the left side of the window for meetings. It will appear as a blank toolbar that is white until you get to it , and then it will expand to the screen.

Scroll down until you locate the option ‘Freeze Click on the checkbox to choose it. Your screen will instantly freeze. Make sure you click on the checkbox to remove the effect and free your screen.

The ability to freeze your screen comes very handy during meetings, regardless of whether you’re seeking a fun prank or you truly have to stay away from your screen, but don’t want to be sure that other people will notice. Simply install the extension and you’re ready to go! Nobody will have an any idea of what’s happening behind the behind the scenes.