How to Flip Camera on Google Meet

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How to Flip Camera on Google Meet

Look at the mirror image of yourself as the rest of the attendees

To ensure a successful meeting, whether for private or for business, Google Meet has many options to meet our requirements for video-conferencing. While other platforms provide similar functions, Google Meet gets its benefit from its user-friendly interface and call-in option.

If you attend a meeting via Google Meet, you see your video mirrored or inverted. Many people wonder if other participants present in the meeting can are also seeing the mirrored video. Well, fret not! This isn’t how it operates! Participants in the meeting will see the normal (unmirrored) video, but not your.

But, it can be a major inconvenience for people who utilize Google Meet for teaching. The mirroring video could be confusing and infuriating for any user. There’s a solution, thankfully. Chrome extension that will remove the video to make it easier for you to see as well.

How do you flip your camera View on Google Meet

To view the actual video of you, you need be able to download the VideoMirror extension within your Chrome browser. To do this visit the Chrome Web Store and search for VideoMirror , or go here to open the extension’s website.

Once you have arrived at the VideoMirror Chrome extension webpage, click the ‘Add to Chrome button to install it on your browser.

A confirmation window appears. Click the ‘Add extension button to continue the installation.

There will be an open dialog box and the ‘VM’ icon on the upper bar following the installation.

After installing the Chrome extension ‘VideoMirror You are now ready to experience the wonder of it.

Visit Google Meet and begin or join a meeting. You’ll see the mirrored video of you, as you might have seen in the past. However, with the VideoMirror extension you are able to flip the video.

Click on the icon ‘VM’ in the bar of extensions in Chrome and the video or camera in Google Meet will flip.

This is, of course, intended for your own eyes only. The other participants were already looking at your face as well as the documents you presented in normal view (non-flipped) during the meeting. The VideoMirror extension will only alter the image for you, so you can view the image that is not mirrored just like the other attendees.