How to Change your Profile Picture on Google Meet

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How to Change your Profile Picture on Google Meet

The process of changing your profile picture might not be easy however, it’s easy

Google Meet has become one of the most used apps for video-based meetings and online classes in these incredibly busy time. It was the best choice for schools and organizations who already had an G Suite Enterprise or Education accounts prior to when this whole process started.

Then, Google Meet became an essential service , and was accessible with a no-cost Google account and more users began using it. The reason for its popularity is due to the fact that it’s simple to use even for beginners. If you already have an existing Google account (which many people have) it doesn’t have be going through the process of making an account. Another aspect that’s been a major benefit is the fact that you don’t have to download any app. It’s a dedicated app for just one thing – video conferences.

However, the lack of a specific app or account on Google Meet can complicate some issues. For instance, your profile photo in Google Meet. It is impossible to change your profile picture on Google Meet exactly; its function doesn’t go other than what’s required to host video-based meetings. How do you accomplish something as easy like changing the profile photo in Google Meet?

Changing Profile Picture on Google Meet

Since Google Meet is one of Google’s services, the profile picture you use in Google Meet is identical to the profile picture on your Google account. If you want to alter your profile picture on Google Meet it is necessary to switch it on your Google account. The changes will reflect across all the services of Google.

Visit and click on the profile icon in the upper-right edge of your screen. If there isn’t an image of your profile the initials of your profile will show instead. It doesn’t matter if you be registered with and clicking on your profile photo in any Google service will open the identical menu.

After that, select the Manage the details of your Google account’ button.

NOTE: For G Suite accounts the option to manage your account may be available only when you click on the icon for your profile from your G Suite (now, Workspace) dashboard.

The Google profile settings are going to be available. On the “Home” settings page, click on the profile picture icon.

The dialog box for changing the profile picture will appear. You can upload a picture from your computer or the photos in the Google account (these include images on your Drive or any other images across any of the Google services). Switch to the “Your Photos tab if you would like to choose a photo taken from your Google account, instead of uploading it directly from your computer.

After that, click”Set it as profile picture After selecting the image.

Your profile picture will be updated throughout Google, which includes Google Meet.

A profile picture using Google Meet can be essential nowadays, particularly if you’re not using your camera during the meeting. Others in the meeting may not be aware that you are the person in your profile picture with the camera turned off.