How to Auto Refresh Tabs in Chrome

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How to Auto Refresh Tabs in Chrome

There are many situations where the web page needs to refresh at a certain time to possibly receive new messages or other information. Although we live in such technologically advanced times that phones are more powerful than the onboard computer in Apollo 11 (the rocket used to launch the moon’s first mission) however, we don’t have a native method to automatically refresh the tabs of our browsers.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a method to automatically refresh the Chrome tabs at a predetermined time frame, and at the conclusion of this article, you’ll know exactly how to do it.

Auto Refresh Tabs Using a Chrome Extension

A number of developers have developed extensions that allow you to simply outsource the work. For your convenience we’ve narrowed down an excellent Chrome extension that can automatically refresh your browser.

To do this, you must start the Chrome browser via the Desktop or Start Menu or taskbar of the Windows PC.

Next, go to and type Page Refresher on the ‘search box’ present on the left sidebar of the webpage. After that, click Enter using your keyboard. You will be able to find the page.

Click on the “Page Refresher Tile’ from the left side of the window.

Then, click the Add to Chrome Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button that appears at the bottom of your screen. This will install the extension in your browser.

Then, click the button ‘Add extension’ in the overlay alert window.

When the extension is installed in Chrome, Chrome provides you with an alert for the extension and will also highlight the location for the extension in the menu bar.

How to Use Page Refresher Extension to Auto Refresh Tabs in Chrome

After you’ve added the extension ‘Page Refresher’ to Chrome You must be aware of how it functions in order to utilize it to the fullest extent.

Pin Page Refresher on Chrome Menu Bar

If, after you have added the ‘Page’ Refresher you are unable to view it in your menu bar, simply click the extension icon in the menu bar. Then click on the pin icon that is located just next to the “Page Refresher’ option.

Now you can find an extension called Page Refresher extension in your Chrome Menu bar.

Set Time Interval to Auto Refresh Tab(s)

This Page Refreshser extension gives users with the ability to set specific time intervals to auto-refresh different tabs.

To do this to do this, simply click on the “Page Refresher extension icon in the menu bar of your Chrome.

Click to select the tab you want to open from the list of available tabs that are listed under “Choose tab to edit” in the window overlay.

Then, type in the number (in minutes) within the box next to the Refresh Interval’ field. After that, click on the Play icon to begin auto-refreshing the tab you have selected. That’s it! Your page will automatically refresh in accordance with the time specified by you.

To set up an auto-refreshing routine for a different tab, simply click on the (another) preferred tab from the list of open tabs that is displayed in the overlay menu of the extension.

Then, type in the time period (in minutes) within the box that is located right in front of the Refresh Interval’ field. You can also choose an alternative time period in this tab if you require it. After that, click on the ‘Play icon to confirm.

You can set different individual time intervals for different tabs that are open in the Google Chrome web browser, by using this procedure for each tab.

Delete an Auto Refresh Routine

The process of deleting an auto-refreshing routine you’ve set for a tab is about as simple as it can.

To remove an existing routine for the tab, click the extension ‘Page Refresher’ icon that is located on the Google menu bar.

Then, select the tab that you wish to disable the auto-refresh feature. After that, click the icon ‘Trash’ in the window overlay.

Pause Page Refresher Without Impacting Auto Refresh Settings

Page Refresher provides you with the option of stopping all tabs from being auto-refreshed without affecting the time interval settings of every tab that is currently running in Google.

To do this to do this, simply click on the ‘Page Refresher extension icon in the Chrome menu bar.

After that, switch your switch back to off position in the upper right edge of the window overlay. This will stop the “Page Refresher extension, but not lose the time interval settings across all tabs.

This is all you must be aware of about auto-refreshing websites in Chrome.