FIX: Google Meet Grid View Not Working Problem

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FIX: Google Meet Grid View Not Working Problem

Grid View stopped functioning on Google Meet? Remove the old extension and then install the latest Grid View extension developed by Chris Gamble

Google provides a variety of video call layouts on Google Meet as well as the latest updates have also added the use of a grid that is 4×4 that allows up to 16 participants in the form of a tiled layout in Googleogle Meet. If you are hosting meetings that are larger than that and require a way to show everyone who is in the room There is a variety of third party Chrome extensions that allow you to get around the limit of 16 participants by providing the ability to show a Grid view that shows all the participants at the meeting on Google Meet.

If you’ve used Grid View, the Grid View extension on Chrome or any other Chromium-based browser that has abruptly stopped working, it’s likely that your extension up to recently has been removed and there’s a brand new Google Meet Grid View extension developed by a person named Chris Gamble that is said to fix the issues with the initial Google Meet grid view extension.

If grid view isn’t working in Google Meet, you need to remove Grid View, the Grid View extension you’re currently using and install the latest version developed by Chris Gamble over at the Chrome Web Store.

Uninstall Google Meet Grid View Extension

Take out the version that was published by

To remove an extension from Chrome click on the Google Meet Grid View extension icon that is right next to the Address bar of your browser and choose the “Remove the extension from Chrome …’ choice from the contextual menu.

If you receive a dialog to confirm the removal from the extension click the button ‘Remove.

After you have removed the extension, shut down your Chrome browser.

Install the New Grid View Extension by Chris Gamble

Re-launch Chrome after deinstalling the previous Grid View extension. Then, this time, install the latest Google Meet Grid View extension (by Chris Gamble). Open it in the Chrome Web Store by clicking the hyperlink below.

View on Chrome Web Store

After you have opened the extension in the Chrome Web Store, simply click on the “Add to Chrome Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button next the extension’s name to install and run the extension.

After you have downloaded Chris Gamble’s Grid View extension for Google Meet, the Grid View extension should function flawlessly when you join Google Meet meetings.

Issues related to the Grid View Extension from Chris Gamble

There’s been a issue with layouts in the brand new Grid View extension over the last couple of days. The screen only shows your video, none of the other participants’ views. The tiled display. It’s not functioning when the extension is turned on and you’re only able to see the people who are in a sidebar view. No regardless of the number of times that you’ve removed and installed the extension again, it’s still not working. It’s frustrating, however we’d suggest patience. It can happen at times.

A compatibility issue between the latest version of Google Meet and the extension may be the cause of the issue. Give it a couple of days to ensure that the developer can fix the problems related to their extension.

If the meeting is less than 16 participants, you can use the Google Meeting’s tiled views instead of using the extension, as it can support the 4×4 grid for meetings currently. Google is also revealed that it will be offering the ability to view up to 49 people in a conference at the same time within Google Meet which means that it is likely that your dependence on third-party extensions to view a large number of meetings will be drastically reduced.