Can Teachers (Host) See Who You Pin on Google Meet

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Can Teachers (Host) See Who You Pin on Google Meet

Don’t worry about it. Nobody can view the video you have pinned and not even the hosts.

Google Meet has been one of the most-loved applications that allows video-based meetings since the whole turmoil began. Since Google opened the service to all, including those who have an unpaid Google account, rather than only G Suite users, its popularity has risen even more.

A plethora of users utilize Google Meet every day to meet with family, friends and colleagues. It’s a particular favorite for colleges and schools particularly since many schools already used G Suite services for their classrooms prior to this mess.

However, that doesn’t mean that the transition of schools from the traditional classroom to the new virtual environment hasn’t been any less difficult. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite. It’s difficult for children particularly the younger ones to adjust to a totally new system. There are numerous challenges that they have to face each day.

One of the most difficult tasks is to figure out the layout of your screen that works for you. Google Meet now offers a tiled view that can have as many as 49 feeds available simultaneously. This is extremely useful for those who need to view everyone in the meeting. However, the tiny screens aren’t ideal when you have to concentrate on a specific video.

This is where the pinning feature is useful. Also, there’s the Spotlight as well as the Sidebar layout which shows the audio of the active speaker. However, if other people present are not muted or mute, even a small background noise can cause them to be the speaker of the meeting. The videos will continue changing, and it could become a bit annoying quickly.

However, many people shy away from using the pin feature due to the fact that there are a myriad of questions with the feature. Most commonly, “Can others in the meeting, or more specifically the host or the teacher, see when you pin a video?”And an equally popular question is: “Does it affect the meeting view for others?”

The answer to both of the questions is no. Pinning a video is only done by you. Nobody else at the meeting or even the host will be aware that you’ve pinned the video, or who. It won’t affect any other layouts during the meeting. It won’t impact the recording of the meeting either.

To pin a video of someone else simply visit their YouTube feed and hover over the video feed. There are a few options. Click on the pin icon. In contrast to other applications that allow you to pin, this option is accessible regardless of whether the video of the user is playing. The video will fill your screen regardless of the layout option that was selected. If you remove the video and re-pin it, the same layout will be restored.

Now, you can pin any video during the meeting without having to worry about others. It won’t disrupt your meeting, and neither does anyone else know you’ve pinched the video.