How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously using Chrome

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How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously using Chrome

Do you not want anyone to be aware that you’ve seen their Instagram posts? Make use of Hiddengram, the Hiddengram Chrome extension and view any story in complete anonymity.

If you’re an Instagram user, then you likely already know the basics of what Instagram Stories are. For those who aren’t familiar, Instagram stories are a collection of videos or photos which disappear automatically from your account within one day, or until you decide to highlight them on your profile.

Instagram Stories lets you post updates about your day without worry about posting too much on your profile. In addition, unlike posts you post on your profile, you will know who has read your story.

There could be an instance where you want to read a story without notifying another user. But, Instagram isn’t yet able to provide the capability to do this natively.

However, there is a third-party extension on Chrome which allows you to browse stories in complete anonymity. “Hiddengram” is one such third-party extension that can be installed quickly in the Chrome browser and access any stories you want in complete anonymity.

Install and use the “Hiddengram” Extension to your Chrome Browser

The addition of an extension for the Chrome browser is not an arduous process. The process is so easy, simple and quick that it takes only a few minutes complete the process.

To install the extension, you must first start your Chrome browser from your computer via the shortcut on your desktop, Start Menu or the Taskbar.

Next, head to webpage. When the store’s page is loaded you can click the ‘Add to Chrome the button on the screen to proceed. It will display an alert on your screen.

From the next screen you will see, click the button ‘Add extension’ to continue and add the extension to the browser.

After installation, you’ll be able to see the extension icon ‘Hiddengram’ on the right-hand side in the Google window.

If you’re not able to locate the extension icon ‘Hiddengram. Click on the Extensions icon, then locate the option ‘Hiddengram’ from the menu in the overlay menu. Then, click the pin icon that follows it for the extension to be pinched.

After the installationprocess is complete, visit Then, look up the person whom you would like to view your Instagra Story of, using the search bar located on the top on the homepage. Or, click on your name or the person you see in your feed to go into their account.

When you have landed at the profile of the person you want to see and click on their profile photo on their profile to see the story they have uploaded to their profile. The colored ring that appears around the picture of the account is a sign that the account owner has uploaded an article.

In general, when you do not use the ‘Hiddengram’ extension, the ring that surrounds the account image fades as it is interpreted as if you have read the story. In this instance with the extension ‘Hiddengram’, the ring is not faded away, so the owner of the account will not be able to see your name in the list of ‘Viewed’ on their story.

You can now stop the ‘Hiddengram’ feature if you want to be in the ‘Viewed’ section when you open an Instagram story Instagram and restore the default behavior.

To stop the ‘Hiddengram’ and to restore the default behavior by clicking on the ‘Hiddengram’ icon in the upper right corner in the browser window. When the “Hiddengram” has been stopped the icon will change its color from green to order to show the status.

You’re done You can now browse the stories of Instagram as you want without letting the account owner know.