How to Change your Username on Reddit

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How to Change your Username on Reddit

Have you recently joined Reddit and your username was randomly selected for you? Find out how to change it easily and quickly on any device, and use your username as a badge of honour throughout Reddit.

In the current the age of algorithms separating information and curating the content for you depending on your app’s behavior, Reddit is the last platform that has remained afloat, offering more control over feed curation.

Reddit isn’t exactly old-fashioned in terms of usernames. If you’ve set up an account on Reddit account with your email address and selected your username at the time of creating the account will remain with that account for the duration of time. There is no way to alter the username.

If you’ve signed up with the “Continue with Google or ‘Continue using Apple option, you will be given a temporary username that you are able to alter.

If you’ve created an account through a third-party service, here are the steps to easily change the username.

Changing Reddit Username on Mobile

As we mentioned previously, if you’ve created an account with the option ‘Continue with Google or ‘Continue using Apple option, you will be given a temporary username that you can alter according to your preferences. You can only change your username one time, and once it’s been changed one time, it can’t be changed or altered in the future.

To change your temporary username, open your Reddit app from your home screen or in the app library on your device.

After that, tap on the avatar image on your account at the upper left edge of the screen. The image will be expanded that is to your left.

In the expanded section Find and click My profile. It will display an alert on your screen.

The prompt will require you to change your username or use the username you are currently assigned. Click on the option to change your username that appears at the prompt.

Then, enter the username you want to use or choose one of the suggested usernames. After that, press the button ‘Next’ to confirm and save the modifications.

Then, click on the Save Username Click at the prompt to confirm the modifications.

Changing Reddit Username on Desktop

If most part of your Reddit browsing is done on your desktop, you can alter your username from the desktop as well. Actually, changing your Reddit usernames on desktop is as simple as changing your username on mobile, or even easier.

Then, go to using your preferred browser on your Windows or macOS device.

Click on the avatar in the upper right corner of the page and then click on the “Profile” option on the menu. The overlay will appear on the pane of your screen.

In the overlay pane, select the option ‘Change Username’ to continue.

Then you are able to enter your preferred selection of username into the text box, or you can choose one of the suggested usernames. If the username you entered is in use, click the button ‘Continue’ to alter the username.

Then, click the Save Username Click on the ‘Save Username’ button in an overlay panel to verify the changes.

These are the methods you can use to modify your Reddit username if you’re still using the temporary username. If you’ve already switched and want to change your username, you’ll need to sign up for an account on the new site to do so.