How to Make Microsoft Edge Your Default Browser on Windows and Mac

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How to Make Microsoft Edge Your Default Browser on Windows and Mac

Browser is an essential application, it lets you browse the internet, connect to your email client and even access an online application that is essential for the day-to-day activities.

Microsoft Edge took its own sweet time to catch up with its competitors when it came to essential functions and features. But now that it is equipped, Microsoft Edge is an attractive option, especially when you use Windows-based devices more frequently than any other operating system.

Configuring Microsoft Edge as your Default browser on Windows

Windows is the Microsoft Edge’s mainstay The browser has been optimized to run at its best and being able to use Windows 11 as its Windows 11 design language. It’s in fact the primary browser for Windows from the beginning However, if you have switched to a different browser and want to return to Edge Here’s how to accomplish it.

To set Microsoft Edge as your default browser, you must first go into your Start Menu. After that, click the tile ‘Settings’ in the ‘Pinned Apps section, or search for it using the key into your Start Menu.

Then, in your Settings window, select the tab ‘Apps’ in the sidebar left.

Then, in the right side in the windows, click the tile ‘Default apps’ to continue.

On the screen titled ‘Default apps you can scroll down to find Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge tile or use the search bar beneath the “Set defaults to applications label to find the Microsoft Edge browser.

Once you have found it, click the Microsoft Edge tile to continue.

Then, look for the next step, click on the Microsoft Edge your default browser tile, and then click the ‘Set default’ option to allow Microsoft Edge open all the fundamental file types and hyperlinks in your internet browser. This will alter certain however, not all default file types that are opened using Edge.

Additionally, if you want to open certain file types like .PDF, or mail-sending hyperlinks that you can open in Chrome, scroll down to find the ‘.PDF section, then click on the tile below. This will open a new overlay window to your screen.

From the window for overlays, select Microsoft Edge and then click on the OK button to apply. Now, you will be able to see the tile that displays Microsoft Edge.

That’s it! You have now enabled Microsoft Edge as the default browser on your Windows device.

Setting Microsoft Edge as a Default Browser on macOS

Although Microsoft Edge has very tight integration with the Windows operating systems, changing from the standard browser on macOS to Edge in macOS is much more user-friendly and easy contrasted with the procedure in Windows. Additionally, there are two methods to do it using the macOS device.

Make Microsoft Edge Default Using System Preferences on Mac

It is easy to switch into Microsoft Edge without even launching the browser on your computer. In addition, it is as simple as three clicks to switch to your default browser.

To start, open the app ‘System Preferences’ either directly from the dock or the launchpad on your device.

Then, in the window ‘System Preferences select the ‘General tab’ from the options grid.

The next page, look for the “Default web browser” section, and then click the drop-down menu just to the right of the choice.

Click to select the Microsoft Edge choice from the menu to enable the Edge the default browser for your web.

That’s it! You have successfully switched your default browser for web into Microsoft Edge.

Make Microsoft Edge Default Using Browser Settings

If you’re following this tutorial from the Edge browser, which is available on your macOS device, and you do not want to open the System Preference app just to alter your default web browser you’re fortunate as you are able to change it directly from the Edge browser within the browser itself.

To switch your default web browser from Microsoft Edge to Microsoft Edge this way, first launch the Edge browser from the launchpad or the dock, if it isn’t open.

Then, on your Edge home screen Click on the ellipsis icon’ that is located in the upper-right corner of the screen. From the menu that appears overflow, select the ‘Settings’ option to continue.

Then, on the left sidebar, click on the option ‘Default Browser’ to continue.

Then, on the right side of the screen, look for the ‘Default browser Section.

Click on the “Make Default Click on the ‘Make Default’ button. This will display an overlay to your display.

At the prompt Click on the “Use Microsoft Edge’ button to apply the changes and change the default browser to Microsoft Edge your default browser.

Here you go I hope this guide will allow you to change the default browser you use on Windows as well as macOS devices with ease.