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Kinsta is a web host that has a strong focus on WordPress. It’s a very recent addition to the web hosting roster, having only started operations in 2013. Since then, Kinsta’s made a name for itself as the premier choice for WordPress users who want a managed and secure experience.

Kinsta doesn’t have its own data centers and relies instead on Google Cloud. Doing so allows international users to experience competitive speeds no matter what their location.

While Kinsta offers competitive pricing, many people wonder if their services are worth the price tag. Through this Kinsta review, we look at pricing, performance, and the various pros and cons, which will give you an idea if this is the WordPress host for you.


Kinsta doesn’t offer shared hosting or VPS services; their entire focus is on managed WordPress hosting. As such, they offer several plans ranging from $30 to $1,500 per month.

All the plans include migrations, access to the Google Cloud platform, automatic database optimization, daily backups, malware removal, and free SSL certificates.

The Starter package limits you to one WordPress install, 10 GB SSD storage, 20,000 monthly visits, and a free CDN up to 50 GB. You also get one premium migration that ensures your website moves over to Kinsta safely and securely.

Higher-priced packages increase access to WordPress installs, storage space, number of monthly visits, premium migrations, and access to developer tools.


Kinsta offers support options, including ticketing, live chat, and a comprehensive FAQ. What it doesn’t provide is phone support. While they’ve received enough backlash about this to write up a detailed response, we’ve found that most users prefer either chat or email over the phone.

Streamlining its support means that Kinsta is better equipped to provide relevant and useful customer service. The company employs a team of WordPress veterans and Linux hosting engineers to provide technical support, which translates to positive interactions and fast problem-solving.


Hands-Off WordPress Management

Kinsta offers a robust range of features that makes managing your WordPress site a breeze. The company handles much of the hard work without you having to lift a finger, but you still have the option to tinker and optimize your site.

Users have access to site management features, including:

  • Speed tuning
  • Update management which lets you choose when to download and install updates
  • Easy staging to test new versions of your site
  • A proprietary dashboard that’s significantly more user-friendly than cPanel

Great Performance

Thanks to the Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta enjoys almost 99.99% uptime. If this uptime ever drops below 99.90%, you can get some of your monthly fees back. Kinsta also has measures to ensure your website stays online during traffic spikes, though you may receive overage fees if you exceed your monthly usage.



Unfortunately, Kinsta tends towards the high end of the price range, even with its limited starter package. Small businesses and individual WordPress site owners may find the cost to be high, especially if you have to pay the full amount up-front.

No Email Hosting

Many web hosts will provide email hosting as part of their service. Unfortunately, Kinsta doesn’t, which means that if you want a business-related email, you’ll need to pay a separate monthly fee with another provider, which will increase your monthly costs.


Kinsta is the go-to provider if you need a well-managed WordPress hosting. The company provides excellent service both in terms of managing your site and providing customer support. While the price is higher than its competitors, most users find the price to be good value when you factor in everything you get.

Kyle Williams