You Can’t Turn Off Report Junk on iPhone But Here’s How to Avoid Accidentally Reporting a Message

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You Can't Turn Off Report Junk on iPhone But Here's How to Avoid Accidentally Reporting a Message

Our suggestion? Avoid the pop-up completely!

iOS 16 has been a excellent update for the majority of users to date. However, for those who have been plagued by the “Report Junk” pop-up and have had a bad experience, it’s been a complete disaster.

Here’s a summary of the entire story in iOS 16 the next time you attempt to delete a message sent from an unknown number, i.e. an unidentified number that is not within your contact list, a pop-up appears on top of the procedure in certain countries.

Normally, you leave the message you wanted to delete, then tap the delete button.

A confirmation pop-up will appear asking you if you wish to erase the conversation since it will be deleted permanently from all devices. Clicking Delete will be the final step.

After you click delete the pop-up will appear informing you to mark the message as spam. However, the addition of an additional, and what many people consider to be a completely unnecessary step isn’t the most important thing. The pop-up displays “Don’t Report as Junk’ as an alternative option, i.e. under the option to report as Junk on the pop-up. This has resulted in many users submitting crucial messages to be junk. This includes banking app messages 2 Factor authentication messages, order updates and so on. that you’d delete after a certain period of time, however that doesn’t mean they’re useless.

It’s enough ranting. Moving onto more important issues such as possible solutions, and the fate of accounts that are reported as junk.

Can you Disable the ‘Report Junk’ Pop-Up?

The majority of users would like to turn off this pop-up, which has been causing havoc to their lives. For them, it’s the only solution to end this chaos. Unfortunately, no such option exists. At present there is no way to stop the pop-ups from appearing since there’s no setting that to toggle it off.

How to Prevent Accidental Junk Reporting?

One of the most common complaints that users face is that their years of unconscious training can lead them to mistakenly clicking the ‘Report Junk’ option. Most of the time the obvious option is the first option on every pop-up. However, in this instance”Don’t Report” is the second option.

It’s completely subjective to decide which one is the best option. If you’re having trouble with this the only option currently is to avoid tapping any option completely. If the pop-up window appears you can tap anyplace outside of the pop-up. The pop-up will go away, but the message will remain deleted.

It’s not the solution you’re seeking however, it’s what it is. It does appear that Apple could soon be able to fix the issue in the coming release of iOS 16.1. The beta version of iOS 16.1 beta the moment you click ‘Delete the message the confirmation prompt offers two alternatives either ‘Delete’ or report junk’. This could be changed by the time the stable version is released however, things are improving. Keep going!

What Happens When you Report Junk?

It’s normal if you’re concerned about what will be the outcome for accounts that you mistakenly reported as spam. Are you going to cease getting messages sent to them? Typically, when you declare an email as junk, information about the sender as well as the message are sent to Apple and, in certain instances, the recipient. The act of reporting a message as junk will permanently erase the message from your device.

However, it won’t hinder you from receiving messages. The only way to stop this is to stop receiving the call. If the past behavior is an indication, you’ll be safe. It is likely that you will continue to receive crucial messages sent by accounts that you have reported as spam.

If you’ve had someone else report you as a junk account accidentally, and you’re concerned about what this could affect your account, then you’re able to forget about it too. It’s believed that it requires many junk reports against a particular number to get Apple to decide to take actions against them.

This could be the worst Apple design decision in recent times. We hope that Apple will fix this issue with its next release.