What is Wi-Fi Privacy Warning on iPhone and How to Fix it

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What is Wi-Fi Privacy Warning on iPhone and How to Fix it

Set up a Private Address on every Wi-Fi network, so that your iPhone isn’t tracked by Wi-Fi.

Apple is always a champion of privacy of its users, and now, with iOS 14 they’ve added more features that further advance this goal. One of the main topics that is at the top of the list in this new OS is the protection of users’ privacy as well as their information.

With many new features , including privacy indicators, greater control over photos and location and password security and more, you can rest assured that your information is more secure than ever before. However, a minor new feature is often ignored in the midst of these major changes to Wi-Fi Privacy. You may have seen a warning about Wi-Fi privacy within your settings for networks. Let’s find out exactly what it’s about.

What is the Wi-Fi Privacy Warning on the iPhone?

Apple has introduced the Wi-Fi Privacy with iOS 14. When a device connects an Wi-Fi network, it has to be identified using an address known as a MAC (media access control) address. If our device uses that same MAC address for every network the network operators as well as others who observe (like advertisers) are able to track your activities and even track your location.

When you use Wi-Fi Privacy on your phone, it utilizes an encrypted address to connect to every network, and keep your real MAC address secret. On iPhone it has an individual private address for each network that you connect to. This private address is unique to the network you are connected to. This reduces the Wi-Fi tracking capabilities of your device.

The network also shows the “Wi-Fi Privacy Warning” message in the event that a private address isn’t enabled.

How to Fix Wi-Fi Privacy Warning

The fix is simple. Start your Settings application on your iPhone and then tap “Wi-Fi” to open Wi-Fi’s settings.

Then, tap the name of the network to access its properties.

Turn on the switch for “Private Address”.

You’ll need to join the Wi-Fi once you have enabled your private network. Simply go back to the Wi-Fi settings and tap the network’s name again to join. It should be possible to join the network immediately. If not switch your Wi-Fi off , then back on and join it.

If you already are using Private Address enabled, switch it off or on and after that, restart your iPhone at least once. This will take away the Privacy Warning message from the Wi-Fi network.

Many networks permit joining using an address that is private. However, there are times when you may not be allowed connect to a network using an address that is private or connect to the internet, however, it won’t permit internet access. In these cases you’ll need to turn off the Private address setting for connecting to the internet. In addition, you should make use of a private IP address to prevent the tracking of Wi-Fi devices across networks.