Why Does It Say Location Not Available on iMessage

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Why Does It Say Location Not Available on iMessage

There’s a specific reason for this issue and it’s easy to fix.

The advancement of technology has enabled it to be really simple to accomplish things that were not possible prior to. If you’re looking to guarantee the safety of someone or make their location an indicator to locate them, tracking their location is certainly on the negative list (at at least for the majority of people).

Furthermore, the iPhone allows you for you to communicate your current location others iPhone and Apple devices users. Some people prefer to share their locations with their loved ones or family members for the duration of time so that they be aware of where they are during moments of need. iMessage lets you share your location this way quickly. You can send your live location to your contacts for one hour, for a whole day, or for an indefinite period.

However, your plans could come to an end when you encounter an issue that is particularly troubling in sharing your location. This “Location Not Available” issue in iMessage is now the bane of many people’s lives.

What Exactly is the Problem?

You can share your current location or your live location via iMessage. A lot of people have found that although posting their location is an issue, they cannot be able to share their current location. The map that comes with iMessage instead displays an error warning “Location Not Available” to others who share their location.

Sometimes, it’s due to a missed permission that is fairly easy to correct. However, more often than not it’s a hassle to resolve since all permissions are in place. However, it doesn’t need to be. Here’s how to fix this frustrating problem.

Verify that it’s not a Sign of Neglected Permission

Visit your iPhone settings Scroll down, then tap on “Privacy”.

In the privacy settings, select the option’Location Services”.

Make sure the toggle for ‘Location Services On.

Scroll down to the app list and ensure that both “Find My” and ‘Messages’ are able to access your place of residence. If one of them is showing something other than “While Using the App’, then you need to you should open the app and alter the settings.

Go back to the settings menu and tap the Apple ID name card at the top.

Click the button for “Find My”.

Turn on the toggle that says ‘Share My Location’. When Location Sharing is turned off in “Find My,” those who are sharing your location with in iMessage will not be able to view it.

If permissions were in place, it’s now time to test the next solution.

Verify that you’re sharing Your Location on the Right Device

If all the permissions are in order, it could be the result of multiple devices causing confusion to your iPhone with the location it should transmit the location. Some users who recently switched between one iPhone to another have found that to be the situation.

It’s not too difficult to get this issue resolved. Navigate to Settings on your phone and then tap the Apple ID name card at the top.

The Apple ID details will also include all devices connected to the iCloud account. The phone you used to use previously should be included in this list too. Press it to open it.

After that, select the ‘Remove from Account Option.

You can also unblock the device out of your iCloud account on your browser on your computer. Visit icloud.com on your browser and sign in using the Apple ID. After that, select the Account Settings’ option.

Your devices will appear there. Select the device you wish to delete.

A second dialog box will appear with your devices. Select the “Remove device” (x) icon to the right side of the device to take it off and select “Done”.

After you have removed the device, return the Settings in your iPhone and then open Location Services from ‘Privacy’ settings.

Turn off the toggle, then turn it back on after a couple of minutes.

Try sending your location using iMessage again , and inquire with your contacts if they are able to see it. The message “Location Not Available” will no longer show but instead, your actual location will be visible.

If, instead of an older device you replaced, it’s actually an alternative device that you continue to use and want to keep, you shouldn’t be able to delete it from your account. While it is unlikely to cause any issues, if it is a problem, you can repair it quickly.

Log into the Apple ID card again from the device you wish to share the location with. Then, tap ‘Find My’. When you go to the ‘Find My’ settings you’ll be able to see the gadget the shared location being shared from. Select the ‘Use This iPhone to Share My Location’ option.

Location sharing should change from “Not Available” to your current location within a few minutes following the change of the location of your device. If it doesn’t then you should perform the reset of Location Services from Privacy settings to use this method as well.

If you or anyone in your family members’ locations aren’t accessible via iMessage Be assured that you’re not the only one experiencing this issue. However, you won’t need to fumble around to figure out the solution all of. One of the solutions mentioned above will assist you.