Why Do iMessages Turn Green

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Why Do iMessages Turn Green

An easy answer to this age-old query

Apple’s only message platform iMessage is a fan favorite. When someone is switching from the iPhone, iMessage is one of the first apps they test. It is possible to make use of iMessage to connect with other Apple users using the service.

However, iMessage can be a bit difficult for people who aren’t sure. IMessages differ from standard SMS, and the iPhone distinguishes between them by using colours The iMessages are blue while SMS is green. However, sometimes iMessages change to green and there’s likely there to be some confusion.

We’re sure you’re looking to know more, and this time, it’s not going to cause harm to the cat. There are several situations where iMessages change color when they were blue. Let’s look at each one of these.

1. No Internet Connection Available

The most frequent reason that the iMessages are red is when are unable to connect to the internet. The iMessage service makes use of the internet to transmit or receive messages sent from different Apple Devices but not your network.

However, if you don’t have Wi-Fi or mobile data Your iMessage automatically converts to an ordinary SMS when you turn this option on. Standard SMS rates are applicable when the message is sent as SMS rather than an iMessage.

The choice of keeping this option on or off is completely your choice. Most of the time it’s best to leave it on because it guarantees that your iMessage has SMS that can be used in the event of no internet access. With this option in place your message, it will be sent no matter what.

However, in situations where it is necessary to send an SMS, the costs could be prohibitive – for instance, if the number is international and the iMessage switch to SMS is not a good idea it is best to disable this feature.

To alter this setting, go to your Settings application on your iPhone and scroll down until you come to the ‘Messages’ option. Click the icon to launch it.

Go to the settings ‘Send as SMS’ and switch the toggle on or off in accordance with your needs.

2. IMessage isn’t activated on your device.

If all of your iMessages are green, that means iMessage isn’t active by your phone. If it was active previously and you didn’t recall activating it, it could be due to the fact that you didn’t. It is best to deactivate it. Sometimes iMessage is disabled following a software update. No matter the cause, all you have to accomplish is (re)activate it in order to change it back to blue.

Go to your iPhone settings and then go to “Messages”.

Turn on the toggle for iMessage.

It could take a couple of seconds for iMessage to be activated and you could be charged a standard rate for SMS, based on the carrier you use (whether the cost is for SMS, or receive free SMS each day, or that kind of offer).

It is also possible to sign in once on the Apple ID to activate iMessage.

3. iMessage isn’t Activated on the Recipient’s Device

You have a flawless internet connection, your iMessage has been active, but the iMessage of the contact is turning green. Many people believe that the reason is could be that they’ve been blocked from iMessage. However, this is not the situation. If someone blocks you, iMessage doesn’t turn from blue to green. It is impossible to send them any type of message – iMessages or SMS in the same way. Check this page to find out if you’ve been blocked, if you’re concerned.

Let’s get to the issue to be addressed. If you notice that the iMessages for just one person are green, it’s or their iMessage isn’t working or they’ve switched to a device that isn’t an iOS one. Contact them to find out which is the former or latter. In any case there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s great for messaging without worrying about your limit on SMS and phone bills. It’s also worth noting that, it’s not all too confusing, also. All you require is a thorough understanding of how things work and you don’t need to worry about any unpredictability behavior, such as blue bubbles changing color.