What is Focus Status in iMessage on iPhone?

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What is Focus Status in iMessage on iPhone?

Decide if you want other users to be aware that you are working when you use Focus Mode. Focus Mode

iOS 15 has been out to the general public for a long time. It is packed with amazing options, the new version has enticed many users to switch into the OS. One of the best features in iOS 15 has been the harmony it aims to achieve by providing notification summaries and focus modes.

Although Focus Mode is great, it isn’t for everyone. It can be confusing for certain users, making it challenging to get grasp of it fully. Maybe, you’ve used iOS 15 for some time and have just discovered that something isn’t quite right. Even with Do Not Disturb as well as one of the more recent Focus modes turned on, certain messages from iMessage are being received. What’s the issue? The root of the problem lies in Focus Status. Let’s get into the finer nuances of this.

What is Focus Mode?

Before we get into Focus Status, if you don’t know the meaning that is Focus Mode, here’s a brief explanation for you. Focus Mode is a step forward for DND with iOS 15. With DND the way things were, they’ve been a bit drastic. You can disable all your notifications (with some exceptions) through DND or allow them to all be heard without making use of DND.

Focus Mode alters that. By combining pre-set Focus Modes as well as the option to design your own Focus Mode, you will be in complete control of the they’d like to receive during the specific time of the day. If you’re in work mode such as that you’ll only receive notifications from work will be delivered, while all other notifications will be left to. With an array of options to you it is possible to concentrate on the task you’re working on.

If you’re busy with work or driving or just want to spend some time with yourself playing games, practicing mindfulness or working towards the fitness you want to achieve, or doing something completely that is unique to you, there is the Focus Mode for the same. It can even work across all your devices at once when you wish it to.

To learn more about the mode, it’s like getting to set up and utilize different Focus Modes, go to this page.

What is Focus Status?

Focus Mode not only helps filter notifications based on the current task however, it has additional features, including Focus Status. What is this famous Focus Status you’ve waited so long for?

Contrary to DND In iOS 14 however, Focus Mode lets people know that you’ve turned off notifications.

If someone attempts to send you an iMessage when you’re in any or more of the Focus Modes the Focus Status displayed on their screens will inform them the fact that “[you] have silenced notifications.” Along with the Focus Status, they’ll also be able to choose “Notify Anyway”. If they select this option, the message will be delivered regardless of the Focus Mode.

NOTE: The Focus Status doesn’t show to the person who is sending you a message immediately. If someone sends you a couple of messages, perhaps three or two, Messages will show the Focus Status, along with the message ‘Notify Now’ believing they may be trying to tell you. It is also only available when the other user is also using iOS 15 or later.

Although Focus Status Focus Status lets others know that you’ve got some kind or Focus Mode on, it does not let them know the name of the Focus Mode. Therefore, they aren’t aware of what exactly is your Focus Mode you’re currently using.

You’ll receive the notification about the Focus Status as soon they decide to inform you. If not, the message will be sent along with other notifications that you missed when in the Focus Mode.

How to Turn Off Focus Status

Focus Status is turned on in all focus modes by default, whether predefined or if you design a custom one. However, you can disable it.

Open the iPhone Settings and then go to “Focus”.

Tap then the Focus Mode for which you would like to disable Focus Status.

In the settings for this particular Focus Mode, tap ‘Focus Status’.

Turn off the switch for ‘Share the Focus Status’.

If you use this method it is necessary to turn off Focus Status for every setup mode separately. This is ideal if you just need to disable the settings for certain modes, while keeping it in for other modes. In this tutorial for example we have removed Focus Status in the Work Focus Mode, so it’ll remain on for the other Focus Modes.

If you don’t wish for Messages to communicate Focus status in any way in any way You can easily remove the app’s access to Focus.

Go to the iPhone Settings and then scroll down until you find the option to “Messages”.

Under the heading ‘Allow Messages Access’ switch off the toggle for Focus. Since Messages will not be able to access Focus and will not be allowed to share your Focus Status, even though the setting is set to the Focus Mode.

At present, Messages is the only application that allows you to communicate the Focus Status, however. In the near future, other applications will have the ability to utilize this feature and be able to share the Focus Status with those who send you messages via an app from a third party.