What Happens When you Report Junk on iMessage

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What Happens When you Report Junk on iMessage

If you’ve accidentally marked a message as spam, there’s nothing to be concerned about.

iMessage is among the most popular features used by Apple users to stay connected with their family and friends. It doesn’t require downloading an application or jump through any hurdles to access it. It’s quick, secure and functional. It’s also packed with exciting features.

Users of iMessage often may have noticed when an unidentified number or Apple ID, i.e., one that isn’t listed in your contacts and sends you an iMessage the app offers you the option to flag the message as spam.

What happens if you decide to report a message as junk isn’t entirely certain. This is why many people try to stay clear of this possibility. Since the process isn’t evident, it’s common to be concerned when you mark someone as junk in error or if someone else reports your message as spam. Let’s find out what happens let’s get started.

Reporting Someone as Junk

To declare someone as junk to report someone as junk, press on the “Report Junk” icon in your display. After that you can tap the ‘Delete and Report Junk’ button.

If you report an email as untrue, the message will be deleted permanently off your phone. Once deleted, you cannot undo it. The Messages application will send the information of the sender as well as the message to Apple.

It’s not the only thing it does. The act of reporting a message as junk does not block the contact, nor stop them from contacting to you again in the near future. If you don’t wish to receive any communications from the contact in the near future you’ll have to stop them from contacting you. If you’ve accidentally marked an individual as spam and are concerned about not receiving any emails from them in the near future You can rest easy.

If someone has was able to report you as a junkie as an accident or joke and you’re concerned about what this could mean for the security of your iMessage account, you’re able to take a breather on this one as well. While there’s no specific information but the most likely scenario is that one report will not affect your account.

Since Apple gets the email, along with the information of the sender, logic is that they won’t do anything to someone without a lot of caution. If you’re not sending out spam it’s unlikely that one report will hurt you. It will take several reports to trigger an action to be taken against your account.