What Does Security Lockout Mean on iPhone?

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What Does Security Lockout Mean on iPhone?

There’s no reason to panic when you see”Security Lockout” or “Security Lockout” message on your screen.

Have you ever accidentally locked yourself out of your iPhone? It’s likely that you have. All you need is a lost password and a few unsuccessful attempts, and voila! You’re locked out of your iPhone.

What happens what happens when what happens when your iPhone has been disabled? If you enter the incorrect passcode, it will take five unsuccessful attempts for the iPhone to be disabled. At first, the timeout isn’t even that long. It begins with 1 minute.

Gradually, it is growing. The 6th attempt will increase 5 minutes to complete. After that, you’ll need to wait for 15 minutes before you can access the screen to enter your passcode. After several 15 minutes of timeouts, the duration will be one hour. How long continue?

If you’ve set the option that erases the data on your iPhone after 10 unsuccessful attempts on, well you’ve got only 10 chances. It can take up to three hours to complete 10 unsuccessful attempts. If you type in incorrectly after the 11th attempt, the iPhone will be erased automatically and you’ll need to set it up all over again.

Before the Security Lockout

What happens if there’s no “Erase my iPhone setting turned on? Do you think this will last forever? It’s not. There are only a few chances to input the passcode, regardless of whether you’ve turned the setting to turn it on.

Prior to this, if you were left with a few attempts all you had to do was type in the passcode. If there was a chance that you remembered the passcode all you needed to do was wait for the lockout time and then enter the passcode once more. This is up to the point that the possibility of entering the passcode was no longer available.

If you’re unable to remember the password or the option is unavailable The only method to gain access to your iPhone back was reset it using the aid of a computer, by placing it into recovery mode. Security Lockout is a feature that changes this. Security Lockout feature changes that.

What is Security Lockout?

Security Lockout is a brand new feature that is available in iOS 15.2 and up that lets you restore your iPhone without connecting to computers. This feature allows you to erase and restore the settings of your iPhone or iPad directly from the device using the Apple ID and password.

This means that the iPhone or iPad completely independent. You do not require an external device to retrieve it in the event that you forget your password.

What Does Security Lockout Mean?

When you see”Security Lockout” or “Security Lockout” message on your screen, that means that the wrong password was entered repeatedly. Does this mean that you’ll need be able to wipe and reset the device in order to be able to access it once more? It’s good to know that it doesn’t mean that.

Like the previous time, you’ll have 10 chances to guess your password. If you see an “Security Lockout” message on your screen, there’s no reason to be in a panic. Simply wait until the timer is over and attempt to enter your passcode once more. Once you’ve exhausted your attempts, you’ll not have the chance to enter your password. The only option is resetting your iPhone following that.

How to use Security Lockout to Reset your iPhone

If you’re looking to utilize Security Lockout to use the Security Lockout feature to erase and restore your iPhone in case you’ve lost your passcode Here’s what you need to be aware of.


To use the Security Lockout:

  • You must be running iOS 15.2 or later.
  • Your device must connect to WiFi or a cell network.
  • You’ll require to have the Apple ID and password used to create the device.

NOTE: If you were not connected to the Wi-Fi or cellular network and you want to reset the device, the option to do so the device won’t be accessible. In addition, if you reboot your device when that “Security Lockout” message appears on the screen, it will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi network. You will not be connected till you have unlocked the device. The only solution for this scenario is to use a PC to set the iPhone in recovery mode. If you used the cell network, it will be able to reconnect however, it will not be able to connect.

Resetting your iPhone

Continue to enter the wrong passcodes in your iPhone. After five attempts, you’ll see the iPhone Unavailable screen, which has an option to try again after 1 min. The option to erase your iPhone will not appear until the seventh attempt. If you’re seeing the message ‘iPhone disabled’ instead, it may be running the older versions of iOS.

Therefore, continue to enter the incorrect password until you get to the screen titled ‘Security Lockout. After that, you can tap the ‘Delete iPhone option at the lower-right edge of your screen.

An confirmation message will be displayed. Click ‘Erase iPhone’ a second time to confirm the deletion and continue.

You must enter the username and password of the Apple ID to sign out from your device. Tap “Erase iPhone’.

Your iPhone will erase and then restart. Follow the steps in the display to configure it as a brand new device.

If you’ve actually lost your password, security lockout is an excellent method for you to restore the password on your iPhone with no need of computers. If you’ve stumbled across to the screen for security lockout, you don’t need to be in a panic.