What Does Moon Symbol Next to an iMessage Name Mean

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What Does Moon Symbol Next to an iMessage Name Mean

It may be beautiful to see however, it’s actually there for an objective.

iPhone users aren’t novices when it comes to seeing the moon in crescent form. It’s the symbol used to signify DND (Do not disturb) and, when the mode is turned on you’ll notice it on the status bar. However, that’s not the only spot where the symbol can appear in your iPhone.

Another location where you may see this symbol is in the Messages application. Have you seen an iMessage and thought about what it was, or what it was doing there? If yes it, you’re not the only one. It’s confused many people.

However, there’s nothing unclear about it, in fact. A crescent moon icon on iOS signifies DND even when it’s next to the word iMessage or a plain message, too. If you notice the symbol on a contact’s screen within your message, that means you’ve enabled the Do Not Disturb feature for them.

“But there is no such thing as Do Not Disturb for a Message.” I’m sure you’re thinking of that. You’re probably right. There’s no option to disable Do Not Disturb messages in messages. However, there is an option to hide alerts for contacts. “Potayto, Potahto,” is that right?

If ‘Hide Alerts’ has been activated for a contact You won’t be notified of any new messages that you receive by them. i.e. that you will not be interrupted. This is why the symbol.

The Hide Alerts option isn’t disabled by default. The only reason you’re seeing the icon in a conversation is that you turned it on at the time. Or, you didn’t realize it was there or did it in error.

If you’d like to receive notifications about the conversation, you need to open the Messages app and navigate to the contact that has the symbol beside their name.

Tap and hold the conversation for a few seconds. There are a few options beneath it. Click the option ‘Show Alerts’ and the moon will disappear.

You could swipe left from the conversation. This will reveal a few alternatives on the right. Click the “Bell” icon to turn off DND.

If you’re concerned over the symbol of the crescent moon appearing in the messages you send out, do not worry. It’s there. You can then remove it at any time.