What Does ‘Kept’ Means on iMessage for Voice Messages

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What Does 'Kept' Means on iMessage for Voice Messages

Learn everything you can about this “Kept” indicator that only rarely appears on your screen.

It may appear to be an easy way to communicate via texts with fellow Apple users on the web. However, it’s not simply a way to communicate via “text” messages. There’s a lot more you can accomplish using iMessages to send pictures videos, photos, Memojis, audio, and digital messages, as well as play online games and interact with friends.

However, the greater the range of possibilities you are able to accomplish with iMessages and the more items you must be aware of. Not everyone is interested in knowing everything there is to know when they receive the latest gadget. It’s a necessity for a lot of people, and that’s acceptable. In the end, there are a lot of things you’ll experience when you’ve been using the iPhone for a few minutes.

If the time is finally here for you to learn about”Kept” or the “Kept” indicator that only occasionally appears on your voice messages in iMessage You’re in the right spot.

The Enigma of “Kept” Decoded

Evidently, Apple thinks voice messages are secret and treats them accordingly. As a default, any voice messages that you send or receive will be automatically deleted. Voice messages are all recorded and have an expiration time of just two minutes from the time you first listen to them, unless you change their direction.

What will this change appear like? The user can decide to save a voice message which prevents it from being deleted automatically within two minutes. The voice message is then saved within the iMessage conversation history, just like every other message sent via text.

In essence, if you send an audio message to someone, and they decide to save it for them, they’ll notice an “Kept” indicator beneath the voice message to inform you that the message was not expired.

To go a little further on this There are two options either the person who received your message decided the option to store your message, or they’ve set up their phone to save all audio messages on iMessages.

How to Keep a Voice Message?

Navigate to settings on your iPhone and scroll down and then tap “Messages” to open the the settings for messages.

The settings for messages will be displayed. Scroll down until you come to the section titled Audio Messages’. You’ll see the option to “Expire”. It’s default selected to be ‘After two minutes’.

If this happens the voice messages you receive and send will have an option to keep them under the message. If you do not tap this option the message will be deleted within two minutes and then disappear for good. If you choose to tap the option to keep it the message will remain within the iMessage conversations history, until you remove it , or the conversation. This applies to any audio message, regardless of whether you have sent them or received them.

We’ll go back to the Expire option within the Settings. Click it to open it. In addition to ‘After 2 minutes The other option is Never. Tap it to choose it.

If the audio message is set so that they not expire, all voice messages that you receive or send remain in the iMessage conversation log for the duration of time (or until you remove your chat).

NOTE: The configuration of this setting is only affecting the messages you send. If you’ve set messages that expire after two minutes, this doesn’t be the case that audio files you send expire on the recipient’s device after two minutes. They will only expire at your own end.

Do I know if they Retained the Message?

Once you’ve gotten the entire process more clearly, let’s go back to the mystery that is “Kept”. Do you have a method to determine if the other person deliberately hit the keep button to record your voice message, or is it just their default setting? It’s not actually. No matter what happens at their end If the message does not expire for any reason, you’ll be informed with the word “Kept”.

However, you can analyze the issue more. If just a few of your voice messages display that “Kept” indicator in a conversation, then the individual has probably saved those messages manually. If all your messages show that indicator, then the individual is either insanely saving all of your audio messages or has the expire setting set to do so. This is clearly more likely however you cannot be certain.

Be aware that if the other person decides to keep the audio message, it will be deleted from your computer until you decide to keep it , too. When the message is gone from your system then the tiny “Kept” indicator will turn into a label that lets the user know they did not keep the audio messages from your.

No matter what, the auto-expiry of voice messages can be quite useful. If you utilize frequently and they are a big drain on lots of space and auto-expire helps you avoid being unable to use them. A majority of people allow audio messages to expire due to this reason. If you’ve recently come across an “Kept” indicator even after many years of use you’re perfectly entitled to be wondering about it.