What Does Hide Alerts do in iMessage?

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What Does Hide Alerts do in iMessage?

Are you receiving constant messages from people you have on your iPhone? Just turn off the notifications and they’ll stop bothering you.

If you’ve ever been in a position where messages keep you away from your task You’re not alone. We’ve all been affected by our tendency to be distracted.

We’ve also been afflicted due to the tendency of people to send out spam. Sometimes, it’s your family members or friends who are sending out a flurry of messages in the group chat. Sometimes, it’s a person who is always sending a string of text messages in the incorrect times such as when you’re in an event, lecture or in an appointment with a doctor. The lesson is to control your iMessage notifications in order to live an unhurried life.

There’s a neat little feature to iMessage that allows you to easily manage notifications for loud chats, while leaving other notifications unaffected. This is Hide Alerts. Hide Alerts option.

What’s what is Hide alerts Option within iMessage?

“Hide Alerts” is a cute feature of the Messages app for iPhone which allows you to turn off notifications on a per-conversation basis. It’s an excellent option if you don’t want to block all notifications from the messaging app. The settings app operates on an individual basis. If you turn off notifications for the Messages app it will stop notifications from all messages both important and spam.

But the ability to hide Alerts allows you to have greater control over the notifications you receive. It operates on a per-conversation basis. You can turn off notifications only for the conversations that bother you and leave messages for the important conversations unaffected.

“Hide Alerts completely hides the alert message from the chat that is a group chat or contact that is in question. There’s no alert on the lock screen, nor in the notification center. There’s also no sound alert.

The person who sent the message or group chat will not even know that you’ve hidden alerts for the chats.

The only way to tell that you’ve received a message is to look for the badge in the Messages app, and the ‘New message’ markup on the right side of the conversation in the chat threads list within the app.

How to Enable Hide Alerts

It is easy to make this feature available for any conversation within your Messages app. There are three options available to accomplish this task, and you can choose to use any of them or the other, based on what is most convenient for you at the moment.

You can turn this feature on without even entering the chat. Start the Messages app, and then go to the chat you would like to block the notifications for.

After that, swipe left on the thread of chat. The chat thread will show a few options to the right. Tap the purple bell with a line to block the alerts.

Alternately, you can press and hold on the chat window. A haptics menu will be displayed. Select ‘Hide Alerts’ from these options.

In the event that the conversation is already in progress you can tap the sender’s or group’s name at top.

After that, turn on the toggle to hide Alerts’.

You’re done! Now that you’re aware of this naughty feature the next time someone annoys you, just enable this feature for them. It can be enabled all the time, for instance for a group chat or for a person who is just bothering you in the wrong way.