How to Send Picture Puzzles in iMessage on iPhone

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How to Send Picture Puzzles in iMessage on iPhone

The idea of sending picture puzzles has become very popular with iMessage users. It’s basically sending a photo taken from your camera roll as a puzzled picture to someone via iMessage for them to complete the puzzle and then re-build the puzzle. It’s a fun game.

To send picture puzzles via iMessage To send picture puzzles, you must install World of WIT. World of WIT application for your iPhone. Click here to download and install it from in the App Store.

Sending Picture Puzzles to iMessage with the World of WIT app

  1. Start a Messages application and begin an exchange with the person you wish to share a picture puzzle.
  2. Click on the icon for Apps (next next to camera) on the bottom bar to open the menu for selecting apps.
  3. Select from the app that you downloaded from the App Store. of WIT app that we downloaded via the App Store above link.
  4. Choose the first option that has an the +icon to upload a photo of your phone that you wish to share as an image puzzle.
  5. After you’ve chosen a photo there will be an image with a grid and a circle icon at the bottom left corner. press with your finger to rotate it and make a picture puzzle.
  6. After you have created a picture puzzle, click the Options and choose the question you wish to include with your puzzled image. You can also add an individual title. You can also disable the blurring to make it easier for the reader to figure out the puzzle.
  7. After that, click the button to send the button, then add an additional comment (if you have any) and then click on the green arrow icon to send the picture puzzle.

The player will need to touch the picture puzzled to begin playing around with the picture. When they’ve completed the puzzle, they’ll be able to press the continue button and save the actual image to their Camera roll. They can also email an evidence that they have solved the puzzle.